Kathy Reichs talks about the new installment of Temperance Brennan novels.

March 15, 2016
First published on:March 15, 2016
by HitBerry

The Eighteenth installment in the Temperance Brenna series ‘Speaking in Bones’ came out June last year. The wait was over and the audience got what they had desired, a continuation of the massively popular crime thriller novel with a great story and a greater mystery.

Before the release of the book, there had been a major fan demand for the further continuation of novel. This had come from the relationship between Temperance and Andrew Ryan, the two major protagonist of the series. The suspense on whether or not Temperance and Ryan would finally be a couple was among the major focus of the audience and it seems Kathy herself was interested in it. However, she had refused to reveal what was going to happen before the books’ release.

Having been writing the TB series for such a long time, Kathy has become enamored with the character. She loves continuing her book for herself as well as her fans. Kathy herself has revealed that she wanted to continue the story because it was so much fun and she wanted the character to continue investigating crime for a long time.

Temperance Brennan series has even been adapted to TV.  The popular crime drama, Bones that has spanned 11 seasons, was based on the series of novels.  Many of the cases in the novel and the scientific and technical aspects are all extracted from Kathy’s personal experience with such. She had even pointed out that the first book in the series was based on one of her cases about the serial killer named Serge Archambault.

Kathy specializes in writing crime drama series and she has millions of fan who desperately wait for the next issue of the novel. Temperance Brennan is one of her bestselling books. This series has around 18 books, each with entirely different name. Among those, Kathy’s favorite is ‘Bones to Ashes’ the tenth installment in the series.

Despite being in its eleventh season, the series Bones still gives the audience the thrill and suspense you’d expect from a crime drama. The viewers don’t have any choice but to hold their breath until the suspense builds up and the culprit is arrested. This series is well received by the viewers as well as critics and has a rating of 8 in IMDB and 84% on rotten tomatoes. Bones is recommended for fans of crime, thriller and suspense.

Kathy has been won many awards for her novels. She is also the producer of Bones, the television series adaptation of her novel and is quite happy with Emily Deschanel for portraying Temperance’s role perfectly.

She is married to Paul Reichs. She got married in 1968 at the age of 20 and now they are living together. She and her husband have three children- two daughters and a son. There might have been several rumors of her getting divorced but it is all a hoax. There is no records of her dating anyone prior to her marriage with Paul. Kathy has not revealed anything either, and no questions regarding such has been asked a lot, probably because many of us don’t really care about her 40 years past. Kathy has a bachelor’s degree in in philanthropy and has masters in the same field.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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