Kathryn Tappen may be going through Divorce with Husband Jay Leach. Are these Rumors True?

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2016Updated on   28 Jan, 2018

Famous Hockey player turned coach Jay Leach and Sports anchor for NESN's "sports desk" Kathryn Tappen shared their vows in New Castle Congregational Church in July 2009. The lavish wedding and perfect dress along with approval of family members from both sides all pointed towards a long-running score but something is not right with this splendid couple in recent days. 

The rumor of separation of Leach and Tappen has caught fire on the web so let's find out if the rumors are true or are this couple another victim of engagements divorce hoax?

Kathryn Tappen may be going through Divorce

The wife of Jay Leach and the mother of three adorable children have decided to move away from the relationship which is clear from her Rio Olympic images. In all of her Rio Olympic Image, she is wearing a gold ring on her middle finger instead of the white gold diamond carved wedding ring offered by Jay on her engagement.

[ CAPTION: Kathryn Tappen and Jay Leach posing with their friends ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

It's not just about Dimond ring, Kathryn is reading a book called "How to not give a f**k" by Sara Knight and has posted the tweet about it on her official Twitter Account.

Let's compare the photo captured about 21 weeks ago and her image one-week old image taken in Rio. The ring is missing from her ring finger.

[ CAPTION: Kathryn Tappen ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

Possible reason for their Split

The reason for their split is not clear yet because the legal case has not been filed in the court. But with the tweet about  Sara Knight's book points towards Jay being dishonest or cheating on Katheryn. It looks like Jay was having an extramarital affair in absence of Katheryn. And the problem between them seems to be very recent because of a few weeks ago. She used to wear the wedding ring but not now.

[ CAPTION: Kathryn Tappen ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Is the Divorce Action Filed yet?

Yes, Our sources confirm that the divorce action has taken to court. The legal Divorce action once submitted to court clients get six months time to make their relationship work. If the divorce process is once taken to a court will take around eight months to fully settle down. 

Who will get the custody of her children?


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The couple has three children together, A twin brother, and sister. A twin brother is only three years old and the youngest son is somewhere around one year of age. Since none of her children are above the proper age to stay with their father, if the divorce Action reaches court, it is likely that Kathryn Tappen will get the custody of Jay and Kathryn's three young children until the kids reach a proper age to decide for themselves.


Kathryn Tappen and Jay Leach Divorce 

After more than six years of marital relationship, Kathryn and Jay ended their relationship in divorce. She was seen without her engagement ring from early 2015 which means the duo already divorce. 

Currently, Kathryn is single and seems to be focusing much on her professional career. As per other news, she will be hosting Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang South Korea in 2018. We wish her good luck in her successful life and career.