Kathleen Quinlan's lengthy career.

May 17, 2016
First Published On: May 17, 2016
by HitBerry

61-year-old Kathleen Quinlan has had a rather lengthy career. Starting her career from as back as 1972, despite her first acting credit in 1973 in American Graffiti, she has found great success.

Academy Award nominee Kathleen Quinlan has appeared in over 50 films, which is a great feat on its own.

Ron Krempetz, a drama instructor first found out the talent in Kathleen right after her high school.

Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/UK_j8WzqwZc/maxresdefault.jpg

“It was this very sweet, young, beautiful voice, It made an impression on me. As a teacher, I realize that she was playing a very minor role, but she took that minor role and a lot of other minor roles and made a career in film. You never know where it’s going to take you.”

Despite her remarkable performance in various movies like I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977) and Apollo 13 (1995), one might hardly believe that acting was never her first priority.

“I don’t think I ever intentionally set out to be an actor, oddly enough. I did it in high school, and then I did it in college. You know who I was in the drama department with in college? Robin Williams. God bless him.”

Regardless, we are glad that she took acting as her career path and it seems she will not be stopping anytime soon.