Katherine Kelly Lang talks about 2nd divorce with husband Alex D'Andrea, moving on and her new boyfriend

HitBerryPublished on   13 Dec, 2015Updated on   13 Dec, 2015

Katherine Kelly Lang, who recently divorced her second husband Alex D’Andrea, has said she has moved on from the split and is now open to a new relationship.

Katherine also has indicated that she is looking for a boyfriend unlike her previous husbands. Katherine was married to her former husband Alex for fifteen years. She now says she wants to date a person who is not from the entertainment business.

She has also stated that she is open to dating people from the artistic sphere of life. She also said that although she plans to date people and enter into relationships, she is never going to get married again as it would prove to be very difficult for her children and for herself too.

Katherine has also said that there have already been a few suitors who have asked her for her attention, but she is only keen on one particular person. Katherine however failed to mention who her current mystery man is.

Sources close to her have said that he is a painter known around the art world for his amazing skills and picturesque paintings that are close to life like forms. Katherine also mentioned that ever since her divorce, she has been very skeptical about commitments and she will take full measure of her potential lover before fully engaging in all her future romantic endeavors.

Katherine had a very troubled divorce. She split with her husband after she said that she and her husband had irrevocable differences between them and the only option they were left with was to end the marriage.

Katherine, in her fifteen years of marriage with her former husband, has three children with him; two boys and one daughter.

Katherine, as a professional actor, is part of the longest running soap opera of all time “The Bold and the Beautiful“. It has been running since 1987. Apart from the show, she has featured in cameo appearances for a number of other shows.

She is currently filming for an appearance in the popular Australian TV series “Neighbors”, which is set to premier in the summer of 2016. Her career has spanned over thirty years and in that time she has been nominated for various awards and even bagged a couple. In 2014, she was nominated for a primetime Emmy award in the best actress category.

Katherine, recently, was voted into the top three hot and sexy women over fifty. She was also seen in Australia’s Bondi beach filming for a commercial, where she was seen flaunting her enviable figure for the commercial.

She is also one of the most followed celebrities from her show on social media. She is a regular user of Instagram and frequently posts fresh feeds on her profile. She can be followed on Instagram as katherinekellylang.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.