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Katherine Heigl Net Worth - Queen of Romantic Comedies

July 20, 2016
First published on:July 20, 2016
by John

“Today you are just a b**** who broke my heart”.

This one came into my mind when I thought of Katherine Heigl; (Do not get confused her with Katherine Pine).It’s from her movie called ’27 dresses. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, get your torrent online and download it right away. The movie falls into a ‘Romantic Comedy’ category and I am sure you do know about her being the ‘Queen of Romantic Comedies’. Her work is just super awesome and so is her net worth which keeps rising and rising. 

Katherine Heigl's Networth

Katheine Marie Heigl, she is one of the personalities in the Hollywood whose net worth is around $25 million as of 2015. Apart from being an actor, she is also a model and a film producer. She used to earn 75$ per hour when she was involved in modeling for clothing catalogs, which is pretty much of a big amount for a model. And now look at her, she is way above the league. 

Katherine Heigl in 'That Night (1992)'

Katherine Heigl in 'That Night (1992)'

From 2008 her net worth has rocketed with a rise from $6 millions to $25 millions. The reason  for this growth is because of the  movie she has starred in that has given her a rapid growth.

Katherine Heigl’s movies ‘Life as we know it’ and ‘Killers’ made her $12 million back in 2010. So, just think about it, if she earned 12 million per movie in 2010, how much money does she have in her bank account? I can’t even imagine.. It hurts, lol.. Now we sure do know why her Net worth is $25 million.

Katherine Heigl's Movies and series

She began her movie career at the age of 11 starring in a movie called ‘That Night’. Since then, she decided that she would make her career in a movie line. The Emmy award winner heigl has played in more than 38 movies and some of them are: ‘Knocked up’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘Life as we know it’, ‘One for the money’, ’27 dresses’, ‘The big wedding’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Caffeine’, ‘King of the hill’ ,etc. She has also had her voice in some of the animated movies like ‘The nut job’ and ‘The happytime murders’.

Heigl’s success is glorious and we only see her as an actress who earns a lot. But we forget the struggle she has put on her career. She doesn’t just show up on movies. There are several series she has starred in as well, they are ‘State of Affairs’, ‘Roswell’; and the highly acclaimed show of all, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. 

Well, precisely, there are no enough words to tell you how much she has compromised or contributed and the things she had to go through. So, don’t just run towards the success, run towards what you are good at and it will take where you belong one day.

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