Katharine Ross' Love Affairs: Navigating Through Her Fascinating Dating History

Katharine Ross is an Oscar-nominated actress renowned for her captivating performances in iconic films such as "The Graduate" and "The Stepford Wives." Her personal life has also garnered attention, particularly her marriage to fellow actor Sam Elliott. 

Interestingly, Ross's journey to finding lasting love has been marked by previous marriages. She walked down the aisle four times before finding enduring companionship with Elliott. 

Married To Sam Elliott

Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott's enduring marriage is a testament to love, commitment, and mutual respect. The couple, who exchanged vows on May 1, 1984, has been together for more than three decades.


Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott on the set of The Legacy in 1978 SOURCE: Pinterest

The two have defied the odds in an industry where relationships often falter under the glare of the spotlight. Despite their fame and success, Ross and Elliott have managed to keep their life remarkably low-key.

How Ross And Elliott Found Each Other

The love story of Katharine and Sam began with a serendipitous encounter on the set of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." At the time, he was romantically involved with the film's cinematographer, while she was a mere background extra.

Ross and Elliott again collaborated on the 1978 Gothic horror movie "The Legacy." This is where the relationship blossomed.  As they portrayed love interests on-screen, a genuine affection developed behind the scenes.

Katharine And Sam Are Parents

Ross and her husband have experienced the profound joy of parenthood together. On September 17, 1984, the couple welcomed their daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott, into the world. 


Katharine Ross's daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott SOURCE: Instagram @cleoroseelliott

Cleo has since followed in her parent's footsteps, pursuing a music career. She is a vocalist for the Uncle Becky band. The parent's love and guidance have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her journey. 

Past Marriages

Gaetano Lisi

Ross and Gaetano Lisi's brief marriage lasted from August 19, 1974, to December 31, 1979. The marriage remains shrouded in mystery. 

The couple met on the set of "The Stepford Wives," where Lisi worked as a chauffeur and technician. The reasons behind their eventual divorce remain unclear.

Conrad L. Hall

Katharine shared a significant chapter of her life with the late cinematographer Conrad L. Hall. They were married from June 1, 1969, until 1974. Their paths first crossed on the set of the classic film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."


Katharine Ross' ex-husband, Conrad L. Hall SOURCE: Pinterest

Ross and Hall's marriage, though it eventually ended, marked a period of artistic collaboration and personal connection. Tragically, he passed away in 2003 at the age of 76, succumbing to complications from bladder cancer, as reported in The New York Times. 

John Marion

Ross's second marriage to John Marion remains shrouded in mystery. It spanned from May 2, 1964, until 1967. Little to no information is available about their relationship. 

Despite the lack of details surrounding their union, it undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping "The Graduate" actress' journey. 

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Joel Fabiani

Katharine Ross's first marriage to Joel Fabiani lasted from 1960 to 1962. It remains relatively veiled in terms of details, much like her subsequent marriages. 


Katharine Ross's first husband, Joel Fabiani SOURCE: Pinterest

However, it is widely acknowledged that Ross and Fabiani were college sweethearts. Despite the limited information available about their union, their status as former spouses underscores the complexities that shaped her early adult life.

Past Relationships And Rumors

Lee Majors

Ross and Lee Majors are rumored to have dated briefly in 1967. However, the specifics of their relationship remain elusive. Their supposed romance has sparked curiosity among fans and observers, but little information has surfaced to shed light on the nature of their connection. 

Katharine and Lee's shared involvement in the entertainment industry comes from their collaboration on the television series "The Big Valley." Their connection is often associated with their joint participation in this popular Western series.

Ross's guest appearance on the show, portraying the character Maria, provided a platform for their potential off-screen interactions to unfold. The chemistry they displayed may have fueled speculation about their relationship behind the scenes. The true nature of their connection remains a subject of intrigue and speculation.

Fran Tarkenton

Katharine's romantic involvement with American football quarterback Fran Tarkenton remains relatively obscure. Only scant details are available about their relationship, as mentioned in an article from Twin Cities.

Tarkenton once disclosed in an interview his past connections with two actresses—Ross and Ali MacGraw—offering a glimpse into his history. He said, "I dated two actresses I used to like in my single life. One was Katharine Ross and one was Ali McGraw. Both great, great girls."


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