Katelyn Tarver Married David Blaise in 2014. Do they have Children?

October 25, 2017
First Published On: October 25, 2017
by HitBerry

While it is too romantic and joyful to love your partner, it is also exciting to know about their adventures. Fans know American actress Katelyn Tarver who is married to David Blaise. But let's get an inside peek to their relationship.

Katelyn Tarver is a Hollywood female personality whose skill in acting is entirely is remarkable. Similarly, she entertains her fans with her soothing voice and pop songs. But here, we are much more interested in knowing about her personal life that includes handsome David Blaise as well.

Katelyn Tarver Married David Blaise

As much as fans are excited to know about this romantic story the duo isn't falling behind to show their love to the fans. David Blaise is also a musical artist who has been working in the band "The Providence." Now that we have known about a little about David let's get going further to the real chapter.

David Blaise and Katelyn Tarver, source: Pinterest

After a couple of years of dating, Katelyn and David fell deep in their love and soon got engaged which they confirmed exclusively to JustJaredJr.  After that, the couple spent three months and ultimately got married on July 19, 2014. Adding to their wedding ceremony were the members of Nickelodeon series "Big Time Rush" and "Pretty Little Liars" actress Lucy Hale.

The husband and wife have been slaying it when it comes to becoming one of the anticipated couples among fans. And, they continue to show passion in their love life and have adored themselves till date. But it has been three years since they got married, so fans question whether they have a child or not. Scroll down to find about it.

Do they have a child?

Getting married is itself a big decision, but more significant than that is to have a child. Katlyn and David have been quite compatible in their life and decision making. But have they decided to bless themselves with a child and extend their family or not?

Katelyn Tarver and David Blaise, source: Klear

Sorry to let you down but the couple does not have a child. It might be that they intend to spend more years together and understand each other even better.

Unlike, other couples who have sons and daughters, the couple too would eventually have a child but not just soon. Although, according to who dated who Katyln has a child named Andy with Kendall Schmidt, but there isn't any evidence to prove it.

Katylin Tarver and Kendall Schmidt, source: Pinterest

Katyln and David are having a great time together. And they let us know that through the use of social sites where they often post pictures of them together. In the end, fans have found their relationship charming, but we hope she discloses more about it shortly.