Kate Snow and husband, Chris Bro going through a rough phase in their married life??

HitBerryPublished on   03 Nov, 2015Updated on   03 Nov, 2015

More than a month after the announcement that veteran American Television journalist, Kate Snow would be the host of NBC Nightly News Sunday editions as well afternoon weekday anchor for MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Kate Snow, it is being rumored that the talented journalist, aged 46, is going through a rough phase in her marriage.

Several sources have claimed that Snow and her beloved husband Chris Bro are going through one of the hardest times in their long married life. The news anchor, who has had previously worked with CNN as well is said to be having hard time dealing with the issues that she has been having in her married life for the past few months. The insiders have revealed that Snow and her husband have had misunderstandings cropping up, which was hampering their peaceful and harmonious life.

The couple has two children and seemed to be happily married until now. Though we have not seen any problem between this adorable love birds, the gossips are flying high that the pair’s relationship is not like it used to be.

A few weeks ago, several sources claimed that the couple’s wedding was collapsing. They seemed 100 per cent confident when they said that the marriage of this much loved couple was on the rocks. They even guaranteed that the husband and wife duo were on the verge of separating. It is hard to believe though, isn’t it? But the informant insists that Snow and Bro were actually getting a divorce and were planning to separate the children; one for each. What now? Are they kids or a piece of meat?   

When asked if the sources had any solid proof to prove that the couple was indeed separating, they said that Snow and Bro were having issues because of Snow’s mounting popularity and fame. We all know how talented and famous she is in the world of media. And the gossip mongers claim that the mounting success and her long list of achievement had created a misunderstanding between the two. That would be one of the lamest reason we have ever heard.

If her husband really had problem with her work and her success, then he would not have married her on the first place. They have two children and that’s enough proof for us to believe that the couple are still in love with each other. The pair is happy and satisfied and the talk about their growing distance and divorce rumors are just rumors made up about somebody else’s personal life for their petty fun.

We all believe that this hot news anchor is still very much in love with her man, and so is he. We wish them a long lasting marriage and a successful career ahead.