Kate Silverton talks about her children and married life.

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

English journalist Kate Silverton talked about her children and married life in an interview with Daily Mail.

BBC newsreader with short hair, Kate Silverton revealed her experiences and struggle to adjust to life as a mother of two children. She told in an interview that she always feared the birth of her second child Wilbur would impact her relationship with her first child, Clemency.

Being a degree holder in child psychology, Kate admitted her difficulty in managing two children. She felt tattered between nursing her son while not wanting her three year old daughter feel ignored.

Kate confessed that she felt guilty when she was unable to give her daughter Clemency enough attention.

She said that she realized the truth behind raising kids. Raising children exactly the same can never be true, according to Kate.

Clemency had us exclusively- our full attention and love. Wilbur will only ever know life with an older sister in tow and parents who split themselves between him and her.”

She shared her experiences of her motherhood and wedding saying,

“I couldn’t have been prepared for the amount of life I felt for my little boy, having been so overwhelmingly in love with my daughter.”

“I wasn’t prepared to feel so protective of him- sometimes even at the expense of my daughter’s feelings. Neither was I prepared for the guilt I would feel at spending my time trying to be the same sort of mother to Wilbur as I was to Clemency.”

Kate added saying that she found the psychological aspect of parenting two very young children very revealing and challenging.

She mentioned that her daughter was a ‘little miracle’ for her as earlier she had lost an ovary in an operation to remove cyst. She had totally dropped the idea of being a mother. But within months after the treatment, she became pregnant with Clemency.  

During her second pregnancy, Kate said that she with her husband, former Royal Marine, Michael Heron, whom she married in 2010, prepared their daughter for her younger sibling.

The couple took her to hospital scans and gave her presents to gift her newborn brother but changes in their daughter were felt by them. Their daughter was found demanding for more attention and care. Moreover, she refused to go to nursery.

She had more tantrums than ever before- when they can’t express their feelings verbally, a child will typically resort to physical expression: screaming, crying or, in some cases, hitting. My patience was stretched at times and I found myself saying ‘no’ to her more often than I should”, Kate mentioned.

Kate added that with time, her daughter has now adjusted to having a baby brother.

Presenter at BBC news, Kate Silverton is paid salary of around 250,000 to 500,000 pounds. The net worth of Kate has not been disclosed.