Kate Ritchie is a happy and proud mother.

HitBerryPublished on   14 Apr, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

Guys! You all know Sally Fletcher from the long-term running television soap opera Home and Away, Right?

Yes, today we have the personal news about the actress who played Sally for 20 long years and entertained us. Well, she is none other than an Australian actress Kate Ritchie.

Kate is one of the top ranked actresses in Australia. The actress is married to St George Illawara Dragons player Stuart Webb in 2010. The couple started dating in 2008. They met casually and just like that and they fell for each other.

Then the news popped out that Kate has been engaged to Stuart on 9th of September 2009. Their dating and engagement stuff were taken as one of the biggest deal by media and fan for they are such a high ranked celebrities. Kate got married to Stuart on 25th of September 2010. Their wedding was reported to be sophisticated and it was organized in a countryside outdoor wedding at Quamby Estate in Tasmania.

However, the couple managed to keep their wedding very private and way away from the media.

Despite that, shortly after the wedding, the weekly magazine Woman’s Day claimed to have been able to cover the whole event. But ABC-TV’s media watch revealed that the article that the magazine published was a fake one.

As a proof, the magazine came up with the photograph of Kate in her beautiful wedding dress which was later proved to be a fabricated one. It was either from the award ceremony that was held previously held or it was simply photo- shopped.

Then the magazine again came up with a backup that the article had been written by an insider who attended the wedding. It was again proved to be a lie. It contained the errors like the actor and Kate’s Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher was present in the wedding whereas in reality, the actor was in the UK at the time doing panto.

Good grief! I cannot just believe how media would make up such a story.

In March 2014, Ritchie announced that she was pregnant with her first child and on 17 August 2014, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Mae.

Kate is enjoying her family life with her husband and a baby as of now and their bond seems to grow stronger and stronger.

Recently, Kate had a small chit chat with Mama Love Magazine and shared about how she is being a great mom. When their reporter asked “You are the mother of gorgeous little Mae. What has motherhood taught you about yourself?”, she replied

“That I was an incredibly impatient person. I have had to learn patience and how to let go of the reins a little because having a little one means not everything is going to run to your desired personal schedule anymore!”.

Now that’s that and see seems to be struggling but she is doing great.

From all the movies and tv shows that she has played, her net worth of the actress is estimated to be $4 million.