Kate Nauta is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with her friends.

HitBerryPublished on   05 May, 2016Updated on   23 May, 2021

The hot fashion model Kate Nauta is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with her friends. How awesome is that? Here is the clip from the model's Instagram. You can easily say that the girls are having their time of their life.


Happy freakin cinco de mayo. #mybabes @zurwhat @lcr__ @tijuanapicnicnyc

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The girl is versatile with the talent of acting, dancing and much more.  This thirty- four years old blonde beauty is dating no one right now. Perhaps she is enjoying her solitude. Actually, according to WDW, the model dated an Italian businessman Matteo Cambi in 2006 and they have already broken up.

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The actress is also a songwriter and has been featured in many movies.  One of her major roles in feature films was Lola in Transporter 2.

Guys! Watch the video below. It is about Transporter 2 Kate Nauta.

Her acting sure was very nice in the movie.When she was asked how did she get the cast in the movie, she simply said "It fell in my lap. Luc Besson, who’s the producer and the writer of the film, he saw a picture of me at my agency in London, and he phoned them and asked for my whereabouts. I was in New York, because we had a meeting, and he told me a little bit about the character. And he said,How do you feel about it? Are you interested? Are you up to take this challenge?""