Kasie Hunt and boyfriend Matt Rivera engaged; will be wedded and married soon

February 11, 2018
First Published On: December 7, 2016
by HitBerry

We come across many romantic love stories related to media and journalism on daily basis. Sometimes it is true and sometimes the news is only flying rumors created by some Tabloid site for promotion but when a reliable source reports the engagement or wedding it has to be true.


Today we share a good news about the engagement of NBC's political correspondent Kasie Hunt and NBC's show producer Matt Rivera's love story to our viewers.

On 8th November 2016, NBC on a morning show with MJ panel revealed that the couple recently shared a lovely moment and Matt popped out with an engagement ring after a short hike together. So, on today's capsule, we share the romantic story between Kasie and Matt.

At a glance, it looks like the couple went to a hike to a nearby place in LA to the famous south coast of Big Sur and when they reached the beautiful Jade Cove near Los Padres National Forest area the handsome show producer gave Kasie an engagement ring.

Kasie Hunt and Matt Rivera Love Story 

The couple knows each other from quite a long time now and at first, they had a broadcaster and producer relationship but things got pretty interesting after they got to know each other.

The couple started dating pretty soon and after being together for more than one year Matt decided to invite his lady love into his life. The story behind how Matt proposed Kasie is pretty interesting too.

The couple went on a hiking trip to a southern Californian Suburban place around Los Padres National Forest to a small hiking place called Jade Cove beach and on the top of the hill beside the south coast of Big Sur the producer finance got on his knee and proposed the Correspondent and journalist. Their story was covered in NBC that morning as well.

Kasie Hunt and Matt Rivera getting married?

Marriage is a huge decision and it takes a little time to finalize the time, date and venue for any marriage to happen. And it looks like the couple wants to enjoy their engaged life a little more.

For now, only a month has gone by, and the date of their wedding has not been announced by either of the NBC's favorite couple. Like all of Kasie fans too are desperately waiting for next big moment when this wonderful duo will change rings and shares vows.

[ CAPTION: Kasie Hunt and boyfriend Matt Rivera ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So, stay calm and keep following us because we will hopefully, address all of our viewers about the wedding if we get an update on the wedding day from Matt or Kasie in near future. But so far it looks like the couple doesn't want to jump into a married life right now.

They are deeply in love with each other and are enjoying the moment which they shared about a month ago.

UPDATED: Kasie Hunt and Matthew Mario got married on 6th May 2017 at Shenandoah Wood. 

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