Is Karl Pilkington married to long-term partner Suzanne Whiston? Know their affairs and Relationship

Karl Pilkington is a multitalented English personality; working as a television presenter, an author, a comedian, a radio producer, an actor, and a voice artist. He rose to the fame as the producer of the famous radio program on XFM. People usually get confused with his current marital status; so get to know whether Karl Pilkington married anyone.


The famous An Idiot Abroad star Karl Pilkington has kept his personal life well-maintained. However, most of his fans are aware of his relation with his longtime partner Suzanne Whiston. Wanna know more about his affairs and relationship? For more details keep scrolling.

Is Karl Pilkington married his long-time partner Suzanne Whiston?

Marriage is just a legal name for a relation, but Karl Pilkington and Suzanne Whiston showed pretty nicely that the strong bond doesn't need a social tag of marriage to live a happy life. The 45-year-old English personality isn't married yet. However, he lives a happy life with his long-term partner Suzanne.

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Suzanne is a famous media personality, working as a producer on the BBC Match of the Day football highlights. One of her popular show during the 2006 World Cup Football held in Germany.

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As many Hollywood couples are ending their relationship within few years, Pilkington and Suzanne showed how you should build a relation and how easy it is to stay in a relationship if you are committed. They've been in a relationship for a long time after meeting each other at work. Some sources claim that they are together since the early nineties.

They probably went through a number of harsh conditions in their 25-years strong relationship but they always prioritized their relationship over their argument which kept them going.

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They both often talk about their relationship whenever they get a chance. Likewise, he calls his partner as wife and once called Suzanne as a 'Plump' during his own show The Moan of Life. There he also mentioned that Suzanne wouldn't mind it.

Do they have any children?

The famous The Moaning of Life star Pilkington and the BBC radio program producer Suzanne hasn't disclosed anything about their marriage plan to the media. After living with a partner for almost 25-long-years, they still have no children.

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None of the reliable sources have mentioned anything about their child; we think they don't have any child together in over 25-year-long relationship. Well, we can say nothing about it right at the moment as there are no conclusive facts on it.

The actor always tries to find some innovative ideas and the locations for his series The Moaning of the Life. Whenever he gets free from his job, he usually loves to travel to different spots all over the world.

Apart from his involvement in his own show, he also works as an author, and he gave a number of memorable quotes implementable in our daily life.

Ten Facts about Karl Pilkington

1. Karl Pilkington was born on September 23, 1972.
2. Karl Pilkington was born in Manchester, United Kingdom.
3. Karl Pilkington moved to London in order to join XFM as a producer.
4. Karl Pilkington stands height of 1.85 m.
5. Karl Pilkington's zodiac sign is Libra.
6. Karl Pilkington's famous book is The World of Karl Pilkington
7. Karl Pilkington is in a relationship with Suzanne Whiston but not married yet.
8. Karl Pilkington's net worth is $3.5 million.
9. Karl Pilkington annual salary is $300 thousand per year.
10. Karl Pilkington weighs around 82 kg.