Kanye West Song "Famous" angers Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian uses Snapchat to defend Kanye

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about Taylor Swift, Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. Some say the song ‘Famous’ offended Swift and some say that she was cool with every punch line in the song. Do you wanna know what really happened? You need to Stick with us if you do..

We all know Taylor Swift. Her unconditional voice and lyrics just make people go crazy. The break-up song artist states that she was never mad at Kanye West for using her name in the song ‘Famous’. In fact, she was happy that he called and asked for her permission before actually releasing the song. However, there are also reports about her statement at Grammy which said “There are people around you who will try their best to undercut your success”. Following the statement, it really does sound like she was speaking of West but no one knows except for her.

The song ‘Famous’ sounds something like this “For all my south side niggas that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex”. It looks like he is trynna tell the world something about Taylor and him, doesn’t it? You never know.. The song sure does sound offending, though, right? I think I would have gotten offended if someone had written something like that about me.

But Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashain, she was all wrapped with this stuffs on her social sites. There is a record of the call which took place between Taylor Swift and Kanye West; it was all about West asking Taylor’s permission before releasing the song. Doesn’t sound like much of a deal. But Kim got it viral on the internet and today everyone knows about the phone call. The act looks likes Kim was trynna defend her husband.

Later on, after finding out that she was being recorded, she speaks that she didn’t ever hear the song before it was released and the footage is actually fake. I mean, why would anyone come up with something like this..

In an Interview on ‘Keeping up with Kardashain’, Kim says that she would do anything to protect her husband. She also says that she have had it with people who treats her husband in a poor manner, making him look a certain way. She adds that Kanye is always honest and speaks his mind. When they first started dating, people always talked shit about them which she doesn’t care, she points out.

So she concludes by saying that she would do ANYTHING to protect her husband, Kanye West.. He is so lucky to have her, right?? But was all that stuffs necessary? Was it necessary to put in on line?? I get really confused with celebrities, I mean I just don’t get what they actually want.. lol..