Kali Rocha and her husband, Michael Krikorian headed towards divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   16 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 May, 2021

Apparently, there are rumors that American actress, Kali Rocha, best known for her role as Dr. Sydney Heron, the resident surgeon in the ABC TV series Grey’s Anatomy, is headed towards divorce after 6 years of her marriage with Michael Krikorian.

In 2006, Kali and Michael got married after dating for a year. They have two children, a son and a daughter. At the age of 36, Kali gave birth to her first child, her son Barlow Aix Krikorian on August 4, 2008. After 3 years on January 25, 2011, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Savria Dune Krikorian.

Strong buzz claims that actress Rocha has been facing marital problems with her husband Michael for a year. It is speculated that their rumored split might be because of the aggressive nature of her husband. It has been heard that her husband is a chain alcoholic and scandalous scenes had been created earlier because of his behavior.

Moreover, her husband not being from the entertainment industry might have been a challenge for the actress Rocha. A long time misunderstanding between the couple might be the reason behind their rumored split.

Kali Rocha is best remembered as the ‘Atlantic American flight attendant’ who had a humorous fight with Ben Stiller at the airport in the hit comedy movie Meet the Parents back in 2000. She also appeared in the 2004 sequel, Meet the Fockers reprising her role.

Rocha was also featured in Gods and Generals, an epic drama about the first two years of the American Civil War, as Stonewall Jackson’s wife, Anna. She appeared in the 2009 movie TiMER with Emma Caulfield. Some of her other film credits include roles in The Crucible, White Oleander, The Object of My Affection, The Loft, Buried, Stolen and Ready? OK!.

Apart from movies, she has appeared in numerous TV shows including Will and GraceTeachersBones, Cursed, Becker, Family Law, Hack, Crossing Jordan, Family Plan, Without a Trace, Standoff, Notes from the Underbelly, Drop Dead Diva, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

Rocha had a recurring role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the TV show in which she played the role of two characters, Halfrek and Cecily.  She has even starred in the first and only season of Sherri, a Lifetime Network sitcom loosely based on Sherri Shepherd’s life, as Sherri’s boss, Summer. She has also made guest appearances in one of the episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Cindy Marian, an aggressive TV reporter.

Rocha is regarded as one of the brilliant stage actors. Her appraised stage performances include Starmakers 83, A Christmas Carol, Dirty works at the Crossroads and I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

The net worth of American TV actress Kali Rocha has not been disclosed yet.