Kaitlyn Vincie pregnant, she mentions in a Tweet: who is her husband?

Famous American sports presenter and journalist Kaitlyn Vincie currently works for the Fox NASCAR team. Vincie works in the team as a reporter and presents in their daily news and update show NASCAR Race Hub. Here, find out if Kaitlyn Vincie pregnant.

It's a tough job for a woman to work as a journalist. However, Kaitlyn involved passionately in the profession and she enjoys her profession. She recently mentioned that she's six months pregnant in her tweet which she dedicated to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kaitlyn Vincie in a romantic Relation with Boyfriend Blake; Also Engaged a Few Months Ago

The person who explores others personal biography hides about him/her owns, then it's only journalists. We come to know about the personal life of most of our idols and superstars through the journalists. But, they never reveal about their own.

American Journalist Katlyn Vincie American Journalist Kaitlyn Vincie

Similarly, Kaitlyn Vincie is also among those journalists. As a sports news presenter, she explored the tough secrets of the various sportspersons. However, she could never find the right time to share about her matters. The gorgeous journalist looks as beautiful as she is good at her work. You need to see some of her dashing pictures.

Famous American sports news reporter Kaitlyn Vincie Famous American sports news reporter Kaitlyn Vincie, Source: shoppage6boutique.tumblr.com

We all see her on the TV as a news presenter. But, we also wanna more than just her voice. Her fans desperately want to know whether the 29-year-old journalist is married or not. Or, whether she dates someone or not. Though none of the sites cited about her personal life clearly, we came to know the interesting facts of her personal life.

Kaitlyn is in a romantic love relation with her boyfriend Blake. The couple is dating for a while and according to some reports, Kaitlyn is engaged to Blake in early 2017. After the engagement, Vincie shared a photo with her fans via her twitter.


In the photo she shared, Kaitlyn glittered her engagement ring standing alongside her fiance Blake. After Kaitlyn engaged with Blake, she started to share her happy moments with him through her Instagram.

Source: Instagram

News Presenter Kaitlyn Vincie pregnant; True or False?

Well, the current sport 1's race hub presenter Vincie became engaged just three months ago. And now the news of her pregnancy is swirling around the web. She's not even married to him either so as most of us might be an illusion if the news is fake.

Meanwhile, we can't say it's a fake news. Yes! Journalist Kaitlyn is pregnant currently. We can claim it in accordance with her tweet. She recently mentioned that she is pregnant in her tweet on 3rd of May 2017. She addressed the particular tweet for Jimmy Kimmel who recently suffered from his baby's open heart surgery.


The couple is still waiting for the right time to tie a knot. They will be preparing for their marriage soon while on the other hand, they will be also preparing for their upcoming new family member.