Kacey Montoya married Matt Brode. Know their marital life and net worth

HitBerryPublished on   11 May, 2017Updated on   03 May, 2021

Kacey Montoya is an Emmy Award winning reporter, presenter, and journalist. She joined KTLA in 2013 as a general assignments reporter. With a beautiful face, hardworking and dedication towards her work, she successfully attracted numerous fans. Today, uncover who Kacey Montoya married.

The professional life of Kacey Montoya is easily made available everywhere but her personal life is less talked in the media. Reports believe she married Matt Brode.

Kacey Montoya married Matt Brode

Yes, this is true. An Emmy-Award winning Kacey Montoya is married to Matt Brode. Brode is a popular American weather expert as well as a television presenter.

Kacey Montoya Kacey Montoya,  Source: instagram

As Montoya loves to keep all of her personal life behind the curtains, she didn't share any information about her dating life. It is still mysterious how the couple met for the first time. Some sites claim that the couple started dating in 2008 or 2009. However, after dating for around four years, the couple tied the knot in late 2012.

Kacey Montoya with her husband Matt Brode Kacey Montoya with her husband Matt Brode,  Source: stumptownblogger

Now at the moment, the couple shares almost five years of marital life together. Till the date, the couple has never been dragged into any kinds of controversies. There's no rumor of divorce or separation issues ever broadcasted in the media.

Surfing through Montoya's twitter account, we found out a tweet where she was spotted sitting on the lap of Mester Mart. Looks like, Kacey and Matt shares a strong bond thus she said she is not worried about these things. You can see her tweet…

Kacey Montoya's Tweet Kacey Montoya's Tweet,  Source: twitter

They don't have any children till the date. If you check her Instagram account, you might come across numerous posts of babies. Hey, those babies are not hers. You can check out here below…

Source: instagram Source: instagram

Kacey Montoya's Net Worth

As we have already mentioned that Kacey Montoya is secretive regarding her personal life, she didn't reveal her net worth. The very hardworking and dedicated Montoya earned huge amount through working as a presenter, journalist, and reporter.

Source: instagram Source: instagram

Source: instagram Source: instagram

Some sites claim that she collected around $600 thousand. She is also regarded to be one of the highest paid radio presenters. While checking her Instagram photos, she is always dressed in a beautiful manner that clearly reflects a millionaire.