Justine Clarke's personal and professional life.

April 14, 2016
First Published On: April 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Guys! Do you want to go on a tour to the personal life of an acclaimed Australian actress Justine Clarke? Come with me.

The actress is a marvelous singer and television host too. She is well known for her role in independent movie Look Both Ways. For this, she also won Best Actress Award at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina in 2006.

The actress is married to her fellow Australian actor Jack Finsterer. They have three children together namely Josef, Nina and Max.

The couple had been together for long period of time. They are rumored to have been hitched right at their sweet eighteen. On the top of that, the actress herself has revealed that she has written many songs for her husband before they got married.

Clarke is a very versatile artist who has been acting since she was seven and she has appeared in many best Australian tv shows.

Similarly, if we have to look at her from the music spectrum, she says she had been into singing right from her childhood.

As a child, Justin had performed in the Choir at Woollahra Public School and danced across the countless shopping mall stages. One day she had a chance encounter with Australian Jazz icon Vince Jones in 1991 and ultimately he made her focus on her natural gifts of singing.

“I was working in my boyfriend’s restaurant in Melbourne when I was 18,” she recalls. “Vince Jones was my idol. He came in for dinner one night and we ended up round the piano singing. He was very complimentary, very encouraging. I bought myself a microphone and amp and started practising every day in the back room.”, she said.

Now let us move towards her career of presentation. Again, like she had been a good presenter right from her small age. And again she flourished her skills just like that and became successful in that too.

Here are her words on becoming a Playschool presenter

First time I stepped onto that set I felt like I was a child again and I had climbed into the television! I remember feeling slightly nervous about meeting old pros like Jemima and Big Ted, but they were very warm and welcoming and just the same as they are on the show.”, she said with all that happiness on her face.

Justin is pushing her mid-forties and still rolling like a stone in not only in acting but also in presentation and singing. Besides that she is also a great mom and she occasionally gives small ideas on how to build a bond within a family especially when the kids are young.

Justin, as you know, has rocked in every field she has stepped on and needless to say that her net worth is definitely high.