Justin Kurzel and his wife, Essie Davis love spending time with their children.

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2016Updated on   30 Mar, 2016

Children transform home into heaven, do you agree? I think so too! Family is a blessing. It is a rock that supports you no matter what. Family is bliss which some fail to understand while some treasure it. Children make the hearts of every parent flutter with their innocence and love them helplessly no matter who they are. They make a normal home a beautiful place to go back to at the end of the day. But the times are hard, parents lack time. Busy work schedules make a lot of money but less time for adults to spend time with their children. So making the best use of the time you have to cherish your family is very important.

Film director and screenwriter, Justin Kurzel and his actress wife Essie married in the year 2002 and have been together for 20 years. They are blessed with two children, twin daughters, Stella and Ruby born in the year 2006. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. Raising them the right way is challenging.  Actress Davis in an interview said, "I was terrified of being a mum because I didn't think I'd ever be grown up enough.” But Kurzel and wife Davis seem to be doing it right. Recently they opened how much they love spending time with their girls.

Being into filmmaking and acting career means spending a lot of time away from one another when you are not working on the same project. This couple was mostly living away from each other for long periods of time before their big collaboration. The couple finally found the right project and right reasons to collaborate and live together with their girls being devoted parents. They have shifted their focus on their girls and have admitted that there is nothing better than spending their time with their daughters.

Justin Kurzel is an Australian film director and screenwriter best known for films like Macbeth (2015), The Snowtown Murders (2011) and The Turning (2013). His first feature, The Snowtown Murders was screened at Cannes Critics Week in 2011 and won the jury prize, while he was nominated for Cannes Film Festival’s Palne d’OR with his second.

His wife Essie Davis is famous for movies like The Matrix Revolutions (2003), Legends of Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010) climbed the ladder of success further with recent The Babadook (2014).

With successful career and handful of work lining their way this couple is taking the challenge of handling both hand in hand. Davis admits that she has not been apart from her daughter for more than a month at a time and the same is the case with her husband. They seem to be managing it well.

Devis has a height of 5’ 6” and the couple has estimated net worth of $2 million which is not verified officially.