Justin Kirk refutes gay rumors, hints at a potential girlfriend

HitBerryPublished on   20 Oct, 2015Updated on   04 May, 2021

People have always been interested in American stage and film actor, Justin Kirk’s personal life. The popular TV show actor, aged 46 has always been quite secretive about his private affairs and one does not really know whether he is dating someone or is currently single. Due to his private personal life, several speculations regarding his sexuality have been made. There were even a few rumors in the past that claimed Kirk as gay.

The actor who is famous for his role Prior Walter in Mike Nichols's screen adaptation of Angels in America and for his portrayal of Andy Botwin in Showtime's Weeds, has been under the constant radar of the skeptic media. The actor likes to stay away from the prying eyes of the media and does not appear in interviews often, which is why he has been dubbed homosexual by the people and media, just because he does not openly talk about his love life and relationship. That’s quite unfair, though!! You can’t judge without a lot of thought, can you?

But despite all the fictional talk about his relationship status and sexuality, it seems Kirk will finally be able to shut everyone big mouth. Rumor has it that the Weeds star has finally found a woman of his life. A source has reported that Kirk is actually has a girlfriend, whom he started dating only recently.

The source further claimed that the actor, who was said to be homosexual by several of us, was not quite happy with the comments people made about his sexuality.

“Justin is dating a woman right now. It started a few weeks back, but they seem to have fallen head over heels for each other. They are pretty much in love and their relationship is quite strong,” revealed the source.

It added: “I don’t know much about his new girlfriend because I haven’t seen her in person. But I can guarantee you one thing; he is in love with her. Justin is also planning to tie the knot with her if their relationship works.”

The insider stated: “Justin and his new girlfriend are quite happy together, but you know what? He is really furious about all non-sense that his fans and media have created about his sexual orientation in the past few years”

“He is straight and has a girlfriend. He was really furious when people started making up things about his sexuality. There are several celebs who have come out of the closet. Same-sex marriage is legal and Hollywood has welcomed all of its gay stars happily so Justin, if he was gay would have been open about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. But Justin is annoyed with his fans and you know why,” explained the informant.

So after listening what the gossipmonger said we have come to a conclusion; Justin Kirk is not gay and he might get married to his future wife sometime soon.