Julie Taylor - Friday Night Lights

March 16, 2016
First Published On: March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Julie Taylor is a fictional character portrayed by American actress Aimee Richelle Teegarden in the 2006 NBC drama ‘Friday Night Lights’. Aimee has a net worth of $3 million and has appeared in movies such as Scream 4, Prom and TV shows like Star-Crossed.

In the TV show, the 18 years old Julie is presented as a very liberal and rebellious teenager. She is the eldest daughter of Eric Taylor, the head football coach and Tami Taylor, a counselor.

Julie appeared in the series as a freshman at Dillon High School in West Texas.

At the opening of the series, the character Julie had showed no interest in her father’s job and his position at the school as head coach. She was seen fighting with her parents pretty much all the time in the show. The parents known as ‘The TV Parents of all time’ kept a watchful eye on Julie without being too imperious.

Though Julie showed no interest in the Dillon Panthers, the school football team or its players, it all changed when she starts dating Matt Saracen. Throughout the first season, their relationship developed quite quickly.

However, Matt and Julie’s relationship ended shortly in the second season.  Julie gets involved in some typical teenage rebellion. She starts developing romantic feeling for a fellow lifeguard throughout the summer following her freshman year. But the relationship with the lifeguard ends quickly.

In order to rebel against her parents, Julie gets a tattoo which enrages Tami, her mother.

In the third season, Julie gets back in her relationship with Matt and starts off her sexual relationship with him. Their relationship develops into an extremely serious one. Later, Matt plans to set off to Art School in Chicago which makes Julie question their relationship.

In the fourth season, Julie gets transferred to East Dillon High School. She continues to date her boyfriend, Matt until he takes off for the Art Institute of Chicago. She gets disheartened and joins a club, Habitat for Humanity, where she meets Ryan Lowry. They hook up for a while until Ryan leaves for his another project. When Matt returns for Thanksgiving at Dillon, he and Julie discuss their relationship.

In the fifth season, Julie heads off to Burleson College in Texas where she meets Teacher Assistant Derek Bishop and begins to bond. Later, when Julie discovers that Derek is married, he claims that he would divorce his wife. They date for a while until Derek’s wife found about her husband affair. Julie gets humiliated and returns to her hometown. She becomes hesitant to tell about her affair to her parents but later they find out and advices her to get back to her college.

Instead of going to college, Julie heads up to Chicago to meet Matt and confronts him about her affair. In the end they get back together. Matt proposes to Julie for marriage and they get married at the end of episode.

Regarded as the worst character, Julie Taylor has always been seen disrespectful to her parents and has a very flirty image. She had an affair with her married TA and she did hit on her high school teacher. Moreover, Julie is considered really rude and insensitive as she got many people into trouble.