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Julie Etchingham doesn't care if her face gets wrinkled.

April 15, 2016
First published on:April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Hailed as one of America’s leading news journalist Julie Etchingham has made an image of her own. Not only is she professional at what she does but also one of the best.

Starting her career from BBC Radio Leicester while she was still in school. By the time she was in college she had joined the BBC graduate program from a university. Julie has worked as a news presenter for the various news agencies including BBC, Sky News and Channel Five.

Julie is the host of News at Ten. She is also the presenter of Tonight, ITV's current affairs politically driven program. She was the successor of Trevor McDonald.

For her remarkable presentation and her ability to present herself in front of the camera Julie became the first woman in history to be voted Presenter of the Year at the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards.

Throughout her tenure as a news journalist, she has shown us time and again her dedication and devotion to her work. At the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards in 2016, Julie again won her second Presenter of the Year Awards.

Talking about her private life, Etchingham is married to the Television producer Nick Gardner whom she met on the set of BBC’s Newsround program. They have been together since 1997. They have two children both of whom are sons.

She is very beautiful and has a nice figure. One of her prominent traits is her bob hair which suits her perfectly. She certainly does not seem like someone in her mid-forties with her slim and alluring looks.

Professional and Uncompromising at her profession, Etchingham believes that it is not the looks that define a new journalist but their conviction towards her job.

"I just like to think you are valued for what you contribute and your journalism and that ultimately is what matters to me I don't give a monkey's how wrinkled my face gets, but I would be worried if I thought I wasn't doing my job properly. That's the bottom line. I think if you're serious about this job that's the only attitude to have”.

Julie is not only serious about her job but also in involved in various charities program throughout her life.  She was once the ambassador for The Prince’s Trust.

Being a famous journalist, she many fans around the world who praise her for her talent and her dedication to her job. She is active on social media. She has around 33.4k followers in Instagram and often posts feeds related to recent affairs and events.

As expected from a professional, it seems she wants to keep her financial stature for herself. As such, she has not disclosed any of her salary or her net worth.

If you want to know more about Julie Etchingham, go to her Wiki or IMDB or other similar websites.