Julianne Moore voted and she wants you to know!

HitBerryPublished on   23 Apr, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

Julianne Moore voted and she wants you to know! Aren’t you curious who she voted for?

Moore proudly wrote on her twitter.

"I just voted for @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer - vote today!" Julianne Moore captioned a photo of herself on Twitter with an "I Voted" sticker.

Here is her post on twitter.

Well! From the post, it is clear that Moore went for Hillary Clinton. By the way, who did you vote for?

Tuesday’s New York primaries meant people were voting in New York City, the place of celebrities, the place with perhaps more celebrities per capita than anywhere outside of L.A.

Now with that as already mentioned one of the hot celebrities Moore also votes like everyone does and she went for Hillary. And just like other people, a normal people she proudly dragged her post of being participated in the national festival of election and displayed her ‘I Voted’ sticker.

So guys! Celebrities also voted just like us and that is no big deal.

Moore wore giant shades and a trucker hat to vote incognito. She had her style and looks adorable as always. She went with Hillary and made sure to get her "I Voted" legitimate sticker barely in the frame. Subtle, Moore.

There were other celebrities too who had their own style of displaying that I voted sticker.

For more information about which celebrity voted for who, simply click here, People.

Four Years ago, Moore voted for Obama. She said 'I'll be voting for Obama again,' 'he's working very hard'.