Julian Morris teases a Pretty Little Liars return.

May 1, 2016
First Published On: May 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Pretty Little Liars has been playing coy with us ever since its start in 2010 about who “A” really is. Now it’s not just the series itself but also actor Julian Morris who played Wren Kingston in the series is also playing coy with us.

In his recent Instagram post, he had a picture of masked outline of a person’s face with the caption,

“unmasked ?????



unmasked ?????

A photo posted by Julian Morris ???? (@julianmorris) on

May I reveal it to you that this picture alone is enough to send all of the PLL fans in a hysteria???

The show has toyed enough with us, I think its high time we get to know the real, no not the Cece Drake real but the real identity of A. Although most of the fans of the show have accepted Cece as A, there are still some fans out there who strongly believe that Wren (Julian) is the bad man behind it all!

As Design & Trend reported in September, Julian is making a return in the series for season 6B and given his recent social media stint, we can’t help but assure our doubt of Wren being the bad guy!

I’ve promised Marlene [King] that I will return at some point in the season to resolve my character — for myself and also for the fans,” Julian said. “So as long as she’s still up for that, I will come back in some capacity. It would be cool.”

During the same chat, he also revealed that he’d like to resolve the tension between him and Spencer stating,

“What I would love is some resolution with Spencer. I always thought — and this is how I played it — that he was in love with and loved Spencer, so it would be great to resolve that. Although, obviously, she’s now with Toby, so I don’t know how he’d feel about that.”

Wren and Spencer do make a beautiful pair.                                                                        Source: People's Choice

Well, we’ve always fancied the presence of Morris in the series so it would be nice to see him again and finally know who “A” really is!