Julian Glover and his wife are still very much in love.The two talk about their married life.

HitBerryPublished on   01 Apr, 2016Updated on   25 May, 2021

They had the love at first sight and the romance after that sight remained sustainable. The very romantic and perfect couple Julian Glover and his wife Isla Blair, are now at their very old age. Still they seem to be much in love with each other. Their enormous love and understanding between each other has made their married life blissful and we must say successful too.

They first met at the rehearsal of a drama in which both had their role. Blair was 21 and fresh from RADA. Glover talks about his wife that the first time he saw that beautiful creature, he thought why anything like this could not be mine. He was confused either to take the matter forward or not. But they went for a tour for the drama and at the same time they started having a secret affair. They dated for two years long.

As Glover was already married to Eileen Atkin, Blair used to feel little insecure. She felt if he would return back to his previous wife. She started becoming much obsessive on Atkin and even started stalking her. But later she had a formal meeting with Atkin through a common friend and found her funny, ironic and humorous.

Later Glover and Blair married in 1968 just after a day of the divorce with Atkin. Blair became pregnant on their honeymoon and she considers it as a miracle. At the birth of their son Jamie, Atkin showered the child with the presents. Atkin and Blair is now a good friend. Previously Blair used to feel insecurity of Atkin but now the only fear remains in Blair’s heart that either she or her husband has to leave this earth at first.

In an interview, Glover says, “Of course in a marriage you’ve got to work hard. You make mistakes, you do bad things, and you hope you can pay amends for those and talk your way through. When you do, it’s even more solid.”

Also Glover revealed himself as the angry man who loses his temper at small things and says the quite unnecessary things off the top head and his wife as the calm and kind woman who can see every single side of a problem. This is why their marriage is solid like a stone.

The couple whose marriage is still stable since their young day’s romance is unlikely to divorce. They have grand children too.

Actor Glover is an English actor with wide range of popular characters in the movies like The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jonas and the Last Crusade, The Fourth Protocol and James Bond villain in For Your Eyes Only.

Glover’s TV shows credits: The Avengers, Wish me Luck And recurring roles in Games of Thrones.

Glover has been awarded with different awards for his wide acting skills and has the net worth of $15 million and is at the height of success.