Juana Acosta married Ernesto Alterio and living happily together with their child. Unravel their past affairs

July 30, 2017
First Published On: July 29, 2017

Juana Acosta and Ernesto Alterio is the perfect example of a happy couple. Juana married Ernesto for over twelve years now and the couple is living blissfully with one another with their child, a daughter, Lola. Unleash their story along with their past affairs in detail.

Juana is a Colombian actress who appeared in more than 40 films, some of which are 'Time Out', 'The Liberator', and 'Anna'. Ernesto is an Argentine-born Spanish film and television actor who starred in the TV cult mini-series 'Vientos del agua'.

Juana Acosta married Ernesto Alterio; the couple has a child, a daughter, Lola

The pair of actors Juana and Ernesto is one of those celebrities who tend to keep their personal life a low profile. They rarely share about their private matters to the public, thus their love life is quite vague to interpret.

From the limited sources, we have been able to accumulate some reports regarding their married life. The couple has been together for over twelve years till date.

The pair got engaged on the Valentine's Day in 2005 and got married the same year a few months later. Ever since their marriage, these two are inseparable and their love has grown more and more.

Juana Acosta and her husband Ernesto Alterio Juana Acosta and her husband Ernesto Alterio Source: Pinterest

The couple's baby, a daughter named Lola is the icing on the cake to their blissful love life. Their one and the only beautiful child was born in the year 2006.

The lovebirds who immensely stay under the radar while the gossip comes apart from their professional life, it was surprising to hear from these two making an announcement of their born baby.


The couple must be overjoyed by their priceless gift and could not resist sharing it to the world. See how Alterio expressed his joy after becoming a father in the interview saying;

 "Our daughter is a beautiful Madrilenian with a mixture of Argentina and Colombia, she is a being of light that illuminates every second of my life and has an overwhelming sense,"

Now their daughter is eleven years old and the whole family is living with one another sharing immense love and care.

Know Juana Acosta and Ernesto Alterio's past affairs

A gold FIPA award winner for Best Female Interpretation of drama at the Biarritz festival, Juana is said to have dated only her husband Ernesto. There are no past records of her affairs and relationships.

Juana Acosta and Ernesto Alterio with their daughter Lola Juana Acosta and Ernesto Alterio with their daughter Lola Source: Teleprograma

Likewise, the dating profile of Ernesto says that he has had no other relationship other than his loving wife Juana. Looks like their first love truly worked out for them. Wowzer!

A glorious desiring actress in a country, Juana convey her emotions to her husband and baby girl saying;

 " My great success is to wake up each day with my two loves, "