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Journalist Siddharth Varadarajan married Nandini Sundar.Know about their married life and children

November 29, 2016
First published on:November 29, 2016
by John

A well-known name in Indian journalism world Siddharth Varadarajan is an Indian-American journalist, editor, and academic as well as the former editor of The Hindu who is one of the open Naxalite moment's supporting leader in all India. He has been one of the most gossiped about the journalist in today's time and people know all about him but how many of us know about his wife Nandini Sundar who is a professor in DU?

So in today's digest, we will not talk about his comments on Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi or his Naksaline views, we are letting our viewers know about his personal life, marriage, and children.

Career as a Professor of Sociology

 The sociology and anthropology professor for DU Nandini Sundar is a famous book writer and lecturer who is also an Oxford University and Columbia University graduate teaching in Delhi school of Economics. Other than being a successful writer and speaker she is also known to be the wife of the former editor of The Hindu Mr. Siddharth Varadarajan.

The famous writer has received numerous awards and recognization for her work in the field of sociology. In 2010 she was awarded Infosys Prize for Social Sciences for her contributions as an analyst of social identities and the politics of knowledge in modern India. In 2016 Sundar was awarded the Ester Boserup Prize for Development Research.

Naxalite controversy

If we remember the lawsuit filed by Delhi University's professor In 2007, Professor Sundar along with others filed Public Interest Litigation against the massive government brutality of burning down a village. The entire village was burnt to the ground which accommodating 300.

The Suit pointed this act inhuman act of burning down the houses as one of the most devastating and heart aching human rights violations in Chhattisgarh which gave rise to Salwa Judum vigilante movement. The suit finally ended after the government filed a charge sheet against those responsible for the inhuman crime.

Relationship and children

So far we don't know if these two well-educated journalists and professor couple have any children together as they never mention their personal matter in front of the media. But we know one thing for sure this couple love each other and support the cause that drives their lives which are reforming the life of tribal India.

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