Journalist Mike Barnicle married his wife Anne Finucane. Mike has 7 children all together

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2016Updated on   08 Dec, 2016

Michael Barnicle aka Mike Barnicle is a famous name in broadcast journalism and print media. He the familiar face for several MSNBC shows and NT times is a settled man with his wife and children. The famous political pundit and broadcaster for NBC network are famous for his journalism skills as well as for his wife who works for Bank of America.

So, on today's blog we are discussing the famous MSNBC's host Michael Barnicle and his wife Anne Finucane working for The disputed Bank of America. The father of seven children three from his previous wedding and four grown up children from his current wedding is a happily married man. So, without further delay, we present to you, Michael Barnicle.

Mike Barnicle and Anne Finucane have four children

In a recent interview with Newyork times, Mike Barnicle revealed his romantic side. Barnicle's close friend recalled his young age story. One of his oldest friend  once in an interview with The New York Times said that Anne was what Mike needed in those days.

Mike in his early days was a cigar-chewing guy with a newspaper rolled in his back pocket, on the other hand, Anne was an elegant woman who moved through a lot of layers in Boston life. They got together and from that day Mike's life has been well managed and successful so far. The long-running couple has four grown up children together.

Mike supports Anne and wants her to keep on working

After The Bank of America did the pretty bad performance in these two years starting from 2014 to 2016 everyone was concerned about the Newscaster's wife who works for The Bank Of America. His followers were continuously pressurizing him to ask Anne to quit working for the bank

.He in a CNBC interview cleared the air by giving his clear thoughts on how he sees it

There’s an enormous number of people out there with time on their hands who send me emails saying you’ve got to come clean because your wife works for Bank of America...I’m not getting divorced over this.

The above statement shows the level of understanding between the husband and wife. The couple so far supports each other and there is no rumor of the couple separating from each other or getting a divorce.

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