Journalist Matt Lauer's Family Life, Marriage, Divorce, Children and Extra - Marital Affair Rumors

Born on December 30, 1957, Matthew Todd Lauer commonly known as Matt Lauer is a television host and anchorman of NBC's famous show " The Today Show".

Along with being a great host, This Hamptons resident is a well-organized family guy. Matt who started his career as an NBC's host in 1992 appears to be a responsible father and a loving husband.

Spending time with the family after a hard day work becomes impossible but Matt charters his way in a helicopter spending 1300 dollars to see his kids and lovely wife waiting for his arrival in his 15 million dollars worth mansion. He definitely has a huge net worth. And believe me on this; NBC's Chief pays the bills for his flights.

Matt has been married twice in his life. He was married to Nancy Alspaugh in 1981 for eight years. Matt re-married Annette Roque after ten years of his first divorce with his former wife in 1998. Though Matt and Nancy were married for eight long years he has no child from his previous wedding.

Matt became a dad for the first time after marrying Annette. Annette and Matt have three beautiful children named Jack Matthew who is the eldest son of the family,  This is the second son and a daughter named Romy from his wife Annette Roque.

Matt says he has a rule of not touching his phone after reaching his home which proves that he is quite serious about his family life too. Matt is a horse riding enthusiast which may be the reason for having 40 acres of property around his house as a horse farm.

Matt is usually outdoors and whenever he gets the time off from his busy schedule, he spends a quality time with his wife and family. The regular shopping sprees with wife, horse race and watching the game with his teenage son are some of his leisure time activities.

Every woman in this world has her own insecurity when it comes to her husband. And when the husband is a well-established media person like Matt the feeling of insecurity is more obvious.

Matt in the eyes of media critics is a biased person when it comes to women. Matt has been rumored with several TV personalities and co-workers.


He was once rumored to be dating Natalie Morales while they were both featuring winter Olympics in Italy in 2006 when his wife Annette was pregnant. Annette even filed a divorce case which was withdrawn in later days.

Two years later Lauer was caught in another controversy with coworker Morales. Matt was rumored to be the father of one of Morales children.

Sources close to Annette confirms Natalie Morales was to fill up the space of  Ann Curry in the show but Annette had threatened Matt to divorce him if  Natalie replaced the former host.

After most speculations, the vacant post was filled by Savannah Guthrie and all the rumors and evidence point towards a conclusion that the decision of hiring Savannah may have been imposed by Matt's actual boss commanding him from home.

He was also rumored to be dating his former show co-host Ann Curry by his viewers but Matt said the relation between them was more emotional but was far away from an affair.