Journalist/Book author Mary Katharine Ham, pregnant with second child, loses husband Jake Brewer to tragic accident

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   27 May, 2021

Fox News contributor Mary Katharine Ham’s happy life shattered yesterday after her beloved husband and White House advisor Jake Brewer lost his life in an accident. The mishap occurred while he was riding a bicycle during his participation for a Charity Ride to Conquer Cancer which helped raise money to fight cancer. According to several reports, Brewer died when he lost control of his bicycle and collided with a car.

After the death of her husband, Ham posted a heartbreaking note on Instagram, bidding a heartfelt farewell to her beloved hubby. The conservative journalist and Fox News contributor honored Brewer’s soul by sharing a few passages from the Holy Bible. The widow of the White House aide, despite being devastated herself, tried her best to console her friends, family and followers by saying: “God, I love him,” on her Instagram account.

Ham, who is expecting her second child with her deceased husband, wrote: “We lost our Jake yesterday, and I lost part of my heart and the father of my sweet babies. I don’t have to tell most of you how wonderful he was. It was self-evident. His life was his testimony, and it was powerful and tender and fierce, with an ever-present twinkle in the eye. I will miss him forever, even more than I can know right now. No arms can be her father’s, but my daughter is surrounded by her very favorite people and all the hugs she could imagine. This will change us, but with prayer and love and the strength that is their companion, we can hope our heartache is not in vain – that it will change us and the world in beautiful ways, just as he did.”

Brewer, who was a senior technology adviser in the Presidential Building, was remembered by President Obama as well. The head of the States said: “I am heartbroken at the tragic loss of one of my advisers.”

Ham’s husband, aged 34 died because of injuries he got when he was hit by a Honda Pilot while on his bike. The couple has a daughter named Georgia and they have another child on the way.

The widowed journalist and editor also wrote how her husband was one of the most “optimistic” people she knew and added that she would “strive and pray not to feel I was cheated of many years with him, but cherish the gift of the years I had.”

Ham concluded: “In a life where nothing is guaranteed, Jake made the absolute, ever-lovin’ most of his time with all of us. This is a family picture we took a couple weeks ago. It was taken because Jake, as always, was ready with a camera and his immense talent. All four members of our little, growing family are in it. I can never be without him because these babies are half him. They are made of some of the strongest, kindest stuff God had to offer this world. Please pray that he can see us and we’ll all make him proud. God, I love him. Psalm 34:18, Philippians 1:3.”

The mother of one said that she was trying her best to control her feelings for their daughter and their unborn child. Their family and friends have been quite supportive of her and they are currently raising money for the education and future of the couple’s two children. For that, they have launched a GoFundMe page and have set a goal of raising around $200,000. Half of the amount has already been collected. Besides this, Ham’s fans and followers have shown their support and sympathy via social media sites like Twitter and Instagram at this hard time.

The author of the book “End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)” married Brewer in 2011. The couple gave birth to their first daughter Georgia, aged 2 in 2013.

We all hope that Mary Katharine Ham soon overcomes her pain and raises her children to be proud of what a great man their father was.