Josh Schwartz talks about his days on The O.C.

HitBerryPublished on   17 May, 2016Updated on   31 May, 2021

Josh Schwartz talks about his days on ‘The O.C’- The popular American Drama Series. “I moved away from California and I was homesick.”

Source: spoke to the series’ creator, writer, and executive producer Josh Schwartz and he talks about his days in the show.

When he was asked if he was involved in the process of getting The O.C. on Hulu or has it just happened and then you found out, he replied,  

Yeah that’s Warner Brothers and Hulu executives figuring it out. I was definitely pushing for them to, I was wanting to get streamed, I would get a lot of people tweeting at me saying, “Why is the show not available for streaming?” So it definitely was important.”

He was asked, “When you look back at that time, was it a stars in your eyes, ideal time or more of a learning and growing pains experience?”

He simply replied, “Both. But I think at the time, you’re just trying to stay ahead of it. We were doing so many episodes and there was so much to do and you’re worried about ratings or fans, so you’re living crisis to crisis. The nice thing about this time having passed and people still wanting to talk about the show or stage a musical of it or stream it today, makes me feel like whatever the bumps and learning curves I had a long the way, the takeaway is that it’s a show that people remember and seem to remember fondly. For a lot of them, it reminds them of a time in their lives when they watch it. I think that’s the thing I hear the most from people."


 “I just moved out to California and this was the show that made me feel good about that decision,” or, “I moved away from California and I was homesick.” A lot of, “I just got into college and it was the show we would all watch in our dorms together and it brought me together with my college friends,” and obviously kids in high school were watching it together. I hear a lot of that group viewing or how it tied into their own moment in their lives. And for me it’s obviously a hugely defining moment in my life.”

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