Josh Gad talks about Frozen 2.

Yeah! It is official that we will get to see Frozen 2. How nice is that? Josh Gad talks about Frozen 2.

The recording for Frozen 2 has begun. Now with that, we can be sure beforehand that this sequel to Disney’s story ‘Frozen’ will rock. Once again the magical powers of Elsa and love between the two sisters will be ruling all over the place.

For the uninitiated, Gad plays Olaf, you know Olaf right? A cute snowman with a carrot for a nose which was built by Anna and Elsa when they were children.  

Well! Gad talks about sealed his lips regarding the main story of Frozen 2 but he said "Frozen 2 is very much in the development phase right now, so I don't know anything," After that when he was asked about the possible love life or story for humorous Olaf, he laughed and simply replied, "I think it's a fan theory. I think it's weird if people are like (deepens voice), 'Hey, what's Olaf like when he's in love?'" For more click here- BUSTLE.


"But what I will say is that what I love about Olaf is his youthful optimism and naivety about life, so anything that comes in contrast to that, and is disruptive to that — unless it serves a great creative purpose — I would be hesitant about," he admits. "But I mean, I trust the writers inherently, so if they want Olaf to be in love, then great! I don't know though, I know as much as you do."

Frozen 2 will star Josh Gad,  Kristen Bell, and Idina Menzel. The movie does not have a release date yet but it is rumored to be coming out sometime in next year.

Everybody loved Frozen more than anything else. Dolls of Ana and Alisa were all over the market. The film went on to win five Annie Awards, including Best Animated Feature. At the 86th Academy Awards, Frozen became the first film by Walt Disney Animation Studios to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and won the Best Original Song award for "Let It Go". Now with that huge success, it is plausible that audience is desperate for Frozen 2.

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