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Josh Duggar Married Anna Renee Duggar in 2008 and living happily with their children

May 11, 2017
First published on:December 14, 2016
by John

The TLC broadcasted show 'Counting On' made this couple famous and the show featured almost every ups and downs of their relationship and now the news of separation of Josh Duggar and  Anna Renee Duggar got into its pick once again.

All of the show's followers are looking forward to their relationship to turn right again but there is a silent question on the family, why are they really separating from each other?

On today's column, we are going to discuss all the married relationship of these two beautiful married stars of TLC and we will get to the core of the rumor and address our reader if the rumor of their divorce is true or false. Whatever we disclose here about the family shall be true, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Caption: Josh And Anna with their youngest Son

So, without further delay, we present to you the inside story of divorce rumor between Josh Duggar and  Anna Renee Duggar's married life. And the inside news about the Duggar family is that they are happily living together with their children after pushing up their possible divorce action in recent days.

When did the rumor catch fire?

On the august of 2015, Josh admitted that he had been unfaithful to Anna in front of the camera and we have seen the consequences of his confession. After that day, daddy Duggar was seen in many series of character correction and image rectification exercises including church sessions, and relationship correction phase.

Cheating is always an unforgivable crime and Anna seemed pretty determined about her decision but after seeing her man try hard enough to get out of pornographic addiction, and character correction the possible disaster seemed to slowly fade away in front of the viewers. The proof of which was seen when Anna And Josh attended a wedding ceremony of Josh Duggar's sister on 5th of November.

Are they serious this time?

Yes, they are very much serious this time, they are working hard to maintain the broken bridge of trust between them. They nearly filed a divorce against each other, but it made Josh realize how important is his family and his child to him. And, it looks like Anna is respecting his efforts to make things work.

Josh is getting a good family support lately and all of his family members are working to save the wedding as well. The parents of four beautiful children has been married for more than eight long years and are trying to find a way to make their relationship work lately.

Strong woman Anna forgave his cheating husband Josh

Anna is a strong Christian woman who is totally against unloyal behavior and cheating; but when someone tries hard enough to make things work and get back to normal, it is always good to give the person a chance to correct the mistake he/she has done in life.

It doesn't look like she was under the pressure or was going through this whole thing under the influence of Duggar family or for the sake of her children.

The honest confession that Josh made to Anna on the show also shows how much he loves Anna and everything has two sides. Josh did not make it look like he was not trying after his confession.

He did everything to keep his family together which was appreciated by many followers of the show as well. The effort finally has paid off for him but from now he should be a more responsible Josh Duggar to prove the whole world that he deserves Anna.

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