Joseline Hernandez is definitely Pregnant. She is not Faking it.

July 19, 2016
First Published On: July 19, 2016
by HitBerry

Although Puerto Rican rapper Joseline Hernandez might not have a Wikipedia page, she is definitely covering much of news feed nowadays. This Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star surely has a lot of hustle and bustle going around because of her state as being pregnant.

However, Joseline set the Instagram on fire where this VH1 reality star posted a picture of herself in a sexy and revealing pink dress that fans really had to ask if she really is pregnant. Despite looking hot there were no signs of a baby bump and that's what bothered everyone the most.

First your belly poking all out now it’s gone’ wrote one of her bewildered followers. Actually, we did ask this ourselves too because just a week before this post she had posted her ultrasound pictures and now with no baby bump…  like poof, it’s gone!


Tacoma Was D shit tonight!

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So, we got in our Sherlock mode to fetch you the answers and hey Joseline was not bluffing; at all. She is actually pregnant. How'd we know? We have this answer because we have a proof and here it is.

Joseline's trainer Jason Lobdell posted this picture of her working out and flaunting her baby bump. So, she is indeed very much absolutely irrefutably pregnant, period!

The father of Joseline's baby

Joseline Hernandez has reportedly claimed in the media that her ex-boyfriend Stevie Aron Jordan is the baby’s father. Although they are separated now Joseline seems very much relieved about it. In fact, they have subject to various legal incidents. In addition to that, Stevie was even accused of molesting his daughter Eva (with his ex-Mimi Faust) and was sentenced with restraining order.

“Listen you less of a man literally. I never asked you for anything #Steviej DNA test don’t lie…… You are a worth less son of a b----! You know you are the daddy of this baby. But thank god you are disclaiming the baby. Trust me and believe you will never see your kid. While you got everyone laughing you will never meet your kid ever” Joseline confirmed her hate in one of her tweets too. Seems like the Ex's are at WAR. #PuertoRicanprincess #JoselinesSayings

Talking about her personal life prior to Stevie none of her affairs has been disclosed yet. She earns an annual salary of around $150,000 annually and has an estimated net worth of 2 million because of her albums Mi Colta and La Negra which was loved by the audience. 

However, Joseline has always been so much into controversy and mystery that this pregnancy buzz  did not even bother as such.Despite all her fame much of her past is shrouded and some even claim that she had been convicted of multiple crimes. It was also implied that she was reality news stripper.

Well well well regardless of how she was or what she was, Joseline is a prominent name in the business and that’s all that matters.