Jordan Fisher is dating Coley Lamb in 2016 confirmed by their Instagram Pictures

July 24, 2016
First published on:July 24, 2016
by HitBerry

“Honestly, what happened was, once the show ended, I went back to my phone and had, like, 80-something text messages from different friends and family. A couple of my friends were like, "Jordan, whenever you go on Twitter, whenever you go on Instagram, it's crazy. People freaking out." I didn't expect any of that to happen.”

This is stated by the new heartthrob in the town. He is none other than our Doody. Jordan Fisher, the 21 years old guy after performing in an episode of Grease: LiveThose Magic Changes”; he himself got shocked with the response of people. After the performance, he found his phone overloaded with texts from family and friends praising his work. The show which was considered to be rocked by the show’s mains including Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, and Carly Rae Jepsen but Julian became the one to steal people’s heart. Hmmm! Julian seems to be an expert in stealing the heart as he recently stole the heart of a girl.

Jordan’s love life flaunted in Instagram

Don’t you think the love is in the air? Jordan’s Instagram pictures come as the proof of his relation with a new lady. Who is the lady? She is Jordan’s new girlfriend Coley lamb. Lucky girl! She got the heart of that boy whose heart is wanted by every other young girl.


A photo posted by Jordan Fisher (@jordan_fisher) on

Look at the Instagram post above! See how happily they are looking at each other and the beautiful feeling of love that they are sharing. This picture without caption posted by Jordan broke the heart of many girls when they realized the girl in the picture is his girlfriend.


Finally. ????

A photo posted by Nicole Lamb (@coleylamb) on



Happy Easter! ???? #HeIsRisen #HeartForHarlem

A photo posted by Nicole Lamb (@coleylamb) on

The list of Instagram's pictures does not end here, it includes one more post where Coley has a picture of her and Jordan wishing Happy Easter with a heart emoji. So, every Instagram pictures of them makes it clear that the couple is so much in love with each other and enjoying their company.

secret valentine // best valentine ????

A photo posted by Nicole Lamb (@coleylamb) on

Short bio of Jordan Fisher

Born in Birmingham, Alabama on 24th April 1994- Jordan is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He is now the resident of Loss Angeles, CA. He has two siblings- Cory Fisher and Trinity Fisher. With proficiency in pop, soul and R&B genres he plays the musical instruments vocal and guitars.


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