Jordan Clarkson jumps over Kendall Jenner..

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Jordan Clarkson jumps over Kendall Jenner.

Aww! Kendall Jenner and her new boyfriend, Jordan Clarkson gave us the  most epic and sweet video at Coachella on Friday, April 15.

Watch the video here

Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend Jordan Clarkson showed off his skills as he jumped over her head.

Well, that was a real crazy stunt. People around were busy capturing the event but again some were just watching as it is for it being so epic and sweet style of reuniting with the girlfriend.

Jordan is the Los Angeles Lakers point guard and it is no wonder he follows  a decent exercise routine. The 23-year-old sensation totally nailed his skills when he jumped over the 5-foot 10-inch hotness overload girlfriend. It was seriously impressive and people who witnessed that were left with a big aww and ooohs not to mention their mouth hung open for a while.

Now this is how the incident is tweeted in twitter.


The event set the couple to have a time of their lives. Especially the beautifully dressed Kendall seemed to be enjoying more to be jumped over. That was quite a stunt requiring an ample practice.

According to us Weekly, Jordan and Kendall were dating secretly and some insiders even claimed that they have been hooking up for months. Hmm..

Now that Jordan jumped over Kendall at Coachella, their affair is no more a secret. Also, now we must say it has become a new way of making your way up to your girlfriend. Interesting.

Actually, the couple’s reunion at Coachella was the first time that they were publically spotted together. On the other hand, the pair were able to leave a special impression on us. They were also seen together at the Nice Guy on March 30 but made a point to leave the West Hollywood hot spot separately.

Jordan Clarkson and Kendall Jenner are rolling like the hottest and the most aspiring couple in Hollywood. We do not know how long the romance is going on. Would it last a lifetime or would it just fly like that one day? What do you think? You can leave your comments below.

For your information, Kendall is not the first model that Jordan has dated. He has previously dated many. His ex-girlfriends include Victoria’s Secret Angel Chanel Iman and Chantel Jeffries, one of Justin Bieber’s former flings!

But again Kendall is also not a saint. She also has dated many before Jordan. Her Ex-boyfriends include Nick Jonas, Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber, Ashton Irwin, Harry Styles, Young Jinsu, Julian Brooks and Ryan Nassif. Among them, Kendall dated harry before jumped onto Jordan.

Guess the girl is a real eye candy and we wonder how long she is going to stick to Jordan.