Jordan Clarkson is in love with LA

May 26, 2016
First Published On: May 26, 2016
by HitBerry

Jordan Clarkson joined the Los Angeles Lakers team for the 2014 NBA Summer League. Fast forward, two years later Clarkson is still on the Lakers team and is very certain of his intention.

“I want to stay in LA….I don’t really look at it as me being a free agent; I want to be here.”

Jordan Clarkson, the restricted free agent.     Source: CBS Sports

Jordan Clarkson is one of the most intriguing restricted free agents on the market this summer. He’s versatile, a good scorer and always improving. However, coach Bryon Scott scrutinizes Clarkson quite much! In his post-season exit interviews with the Lakers, coach Byron Scott told Clarkson that if he doesn't improve defensively, he won't play next season if he returns to the team.


When Clarkson was asked about his desire to stay in Los Angeles, Jordan had it very clear to the Los Angeles Daily News.

 “I feel confident I'll be back here. I want to be here,” Clarkson said. “I want to be one of those guys that are not bouncing around from team to team. I want to be somewhere where I can come home and leave my mark or legacy or somewhere I can call home. I feel like this is the place I can do that.”

And guess what Clarkson’s even found a street named after him in Los Angeles.


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