Jonathan Torrens "J-Roc" of Trailer Park Boys is not Gay. Instead he is married and have 2 childrens

September 29, 2016
First published on:September 29, 2016
by HitBerry

It's really harsh when one has to go through something he isn’t and that’s what Jonathan Torrens was accused of. While playing a gay role in one of his TV shows, Jonathan was told that he was a gay in real life. Many of his fans even believed it as his personal information was hard to find.

Jonathan Torrens being 'Gay' was a very controversial issue. As its true that he hasn’t shared or no one knows anything about his dating life or affairs or marriage and so on people will unwillingly believe what's really not.

Jonathan Torres

Jonathan Torres

Many admirers of Jonathan tried to prove that he isn’t gay too but this issue took some time to get clear.

A few years back Jonathan was spotted with a girl by some of his fans but they were confused what their relation was. The fan mentioned that he was kissing a pregnant woman. Actually, it was Jonathan wife and they were in the state  of welcoming their baby.


Why was Jonathan Torrens silent?

Later Jonathan Torrens confronted and clarified that he is straight. But why was he quiet when the news hit the town. He did not even speak a word for a long time after the issue was raised by a number of people.

As Jonathan Torrens revealed that he is not gay, he said that he did not confess anything because he wanted to collect proofs. He didn’t just want to come up and say he is not gay. All the time we thought he was silent he was making plans and collecting evidence to prove himself right in a solid way.

Jonathan Torrens is married and happily living with his wife and two children. It was just that he didn’t want to share his personal stuff. He then shared a tweet mentioning that he has a wife and he goes out with her too in a very different way.


Jonathan Torrens first child was born in 2012 till now he has two children.

Jonathan Torrens Career



Jonathan Torrens is a Canada native best known for co-hosting Street Cents, Jonovision and his role in Canadian mockumentary Trailer Park Boys as J-Roc. Before being in different famous shows he co-hosted CBC Television's teen-oriented series Street Cents from 1989 until 1996.

Then in 1998 he got a chance to play in Beefcake which was about 1950s muscle magazines and their connection with the gay community. For Nan's taxi, he got the Best Short Dramatic Program. Then in 2001 and 2002 he made an appearance on shows like Pit Pony, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Rideau Hall and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Jonathan has also made his appearance in The Greatest Canadian and 50 Most Outrageous TV Moments. Then he got his recurring role as J-Roc on the television series Trailer Park Boys and did a role in all the Trailer Parker Boys movies.

In Trailer-Park-Boys

In Trailer-Park-Boys

Treevange was his next short film which won many awards. He then debuted in his own TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens on Canadian speciality network which ended in 2011. Then in 2013 he was confirmed to reprise his role as J-Roc on the third Trailer Park Boys film named Don’t Legalize it.

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