JoJo Fletcher apparently went back to dating her ex-boyfriend after she was dumped by Ben Higgins.

April 3, 2016
First Published On: April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

What? When did this happen?

The Bachelor season 20 contestant, Joelle JoJo Fletcher apparently went back to dating her ex-boyfriend after she was dumped by Ben Higgins.

Before Ben, she was in a relationship with some guy named Chad Rookstool. They broke up like three months before she started romance with Ben. The news was confirmed by Chris Harrison to yahoo and finally it came out to wide range of audience through ‘WetPaint’.

Now the romance between Jojo and Ben has gone way ward, she perhaps might be dating her Ex-boyfriend. According to the reporters of the acclaimed news source, they two were spotted walking with their hands intertwined right away Jojo’s gym club.

After the break-up with Ben, Jojo has been quite a bit of a secretive one. She would not tell anything about it to the media. She did not admit about patching up with her former beau. She did not denied it either when she was asked.

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Love affair and break-up and again springing back to the old lover. 2016 sure has been a busy year for her.  Now let us rewind a bit onto how she has moved on from Ben.

According to wide range of audience, it took a lot of time for Jojo to get over Ben but is it true?

Jojo spoke to WetPaint recently. “Right after my relationship ended with Ben, I had some time at home to think about everything," JoJo says in the exclusive video above. "I feel like I got to a place where I moved on and I was happy, and then it came to me and I felt like I was more ready than ever. The timing felt right and I was really excited.", see! She thinks break-up is her right decision.

She further adds, "I never thought there was anything wrong with Ben saying 'I love you' to both of us, it just didn't work out for me," she says. "I'm good friends with Lauren and I think Ben's amazing, but he just wasn't the right one for me. I know that I'm more than ready to find someone now.".

She explicitly stated that she is going to reserve those three magical words ‘I Love You’ for that special one. She must have realized that Ben was not worth her.

Now the question pops up is her ex-boyfriend her new someone?

"JoJo is over the moon," a source said. "She is so excited and she's really, really looking forward to hopefully getting engaged. That's why she's there. Not for career, not for anything else. She's dying to meet the right guy, get engaged and married."

Now who is the right guy? Is he her Ex-Boyfriend or someone from the show itself?

Many guys out there might be going crazy for that hot body with perfect measurements. But they should be careful as she is from the family with protective brothers.

The net worth of the contestant is sure to increase with her increased feature in movies and tv shows.