John Saxon Married Gloria Martel: Get to learn about his past Marriages too

John Saxon is an American martial artist and an actor. He worked on over 200 projects and spent 60 years in the industry. John Saxon's married life had many ups and downs that resulted in several marriages and divorces.


Even though Saxon's professional life is successful, his personal life is not stable. He married numerous times and also divorced. Today, we will let you know about John Saxon and his unsuccessful married life.

Who is John Saxon?

John Saxon is an established actor and a martial artist who spent over 60 years lifespan in this field. He came into the spotlight after appearing in the horror and western movies and in the role of Roper in "Enter the Dragon" in the year 1973.

CAPTION: John Saxon SOURCE: Zimbio

Saxon first spent around 18 months at the Universal before he came into the movies. He made his debut role as a juvenile delinquent in "Running Wild" in 1955. He was able to impress people with his incredible acting in "The Unguarded Moment" in 1956.

Universal executives were pleased with his acting skills and put him in a movie "This Happy Feeling" in the year 1956 that won millions of hearts. He reprised his acting career in "Summer Love" and rest is the history.

John Saxon married Gloria Martel

After two unsuccessful marriages, John Saxon married Gloria Martel. You know Saxon is quite secretive regarding his personal life and did not share any of his personal information with the fans and even kept away from paparazzi.

CAPTION: John Saxon and Gloria Martel SOURCE: Hitberry

He did not share any of his dating life with Martel. However, according to sources, John Saxon and Gloria Martel tied the knot on 29th August 2008. Some sources claim that the couple dated for a couple of years before tying the knot.

It's been like almost nine years that the couple tied the knot. There are no any divorce issues or separation news of Saxon and Gloria. Also, the couple has never been involved in any controversy and is happily enjoying their relationship.

John Saxon's Past Married Life

John Saxon married thrice and divorced twice. He was first married to Mary Ann Saxon in the year 1967. The couple is blessed with a child, a baby boy, Antonio Saxon. The couple enjoyed around 12 years of married life together and sadly they divorced in 1979.

After around eight years of divorce from the first wife, Saxon married Elizabeth Saxon in 1987. Just like his first marriage, his second marriage did not last long and they divorced in 1992.

Now, at the moment, he is enjoying a blissful married life with his third wife, Gloria Martel. The couple does not have any children.