John Milius and wife Elan Oberon on the verge of divorce?

March 17, 2016
First Published On: March 17, 2016
by HitBerry

John Milius is one of the most accomplished directors, producers and screen writers in the industry.

John Milius married Renne Fabri in 1967. They have two children together- Ethan and Marco. After 11 years, they got divorced. The same year, he married Celia Milius. They got divorced, too (the exact date remains undisclosed.) Again in 1992, he married Elan Oberon.

Milius is known for his strict personality. Stated to be selfish and perfectionist, Milius has as many haters as he as fans. Even in his married life, he is someone who is stated to be very strict to his wife. “I hardly said a word to my wife until I said 'yes' to divorce”, said John in one of his interview which shows his lack of patience and personal difference between him and his wife. Similarly, his other quotes regarding divorce are also throughout the internet and one might call it very selfish and disrespectful.

Being a person like that, it is not such a big surprise that John might be getting divorced to Elan Oberon. Although there are no such news, his attitude towards himself and others may soon cause them to drift apart.

Friend to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, he has gained great knowledge from both of them. One of the characters of the movie The Big Lebowski, Walter, was partially based on John.

His love for martial arts made him one of the founder of Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is also an avid gun collector. John initially wanted to become a surfer but his parents sent him to a private school and he began to read a lot. This caused him to shift his attention from surfer to cinema and movies.

Some of his exceptional movies are Conan: The Barbarian (1982), Rough Riders (1997), Motorcycle Gang (1994), The Wind and the Lion (1975), Red Dawn (1984), etc. His work became prominent in the late sixties throughout to ninetees, now he is one of the most successful director around. John Milius has appeared in many documentary as well. Some of his screen writing credit includes movies like Dirty Harry (1971), Magnum Force (1973), Dellinger (1973), etc. Some of his scripts have been adopted into books like The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972). John is a person with a versatile talent.

Despite his personal characterizes, one cannot deny that he is one of the best of his era. His work has won him many awards, nominations and accolades all of which he deserved well. He was nominate in Oscars which proves his potential as a director. He has been inspiration to many of the existing director.

John has numerous director credit up in his name, He has also directed few episodes of some television series.

He has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.