John Mellencamp's daughter Teddi Jo Mellencamp Married to Edwin Arroyave,Know about their Relationship

After the divorce from her ex-husband, Matthew Robertson, daughter of John Mellencamp, Teddi Jo Mellencamp is currently in a married relationship with Edwin Arroyave.


The Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills, cast Teddi Jo Mellencamp after the unsuccessful relationship with Matthew is quite happy with her current husband Edwin. It is obvious all the fans are very much curious about the relationship of Teddi as she is sadly unable to keep a good relationship with her ex-husband though they shared a child together.

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Though breaking up is hard for anyone, but with the passing time she has already recovered from her breakup and is very happy with her second relationship so let us know more about Teddi Jo Mellencamp's relationship with Edwin Arroyave and her past relationship.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp married  relationship with Edwin Arroyave 

Teddi Jo Mellencamp tied a knot with her second husband Edwin Arroyave, in 2011 who is said to be the CEO of Skyline Security Management. The couple shared the vows secretly with the appearance of few relatives and friends.

CAPTION: Teddi Jo Mellencamp with her current husband Edwin Arroyave

In the beginning, it was just a one night stand to Teddi and Edwin but the couple came up more forward as they fell in love with each other. The love expanded between the couple and until today they have already spent 9 years together. WIth a good relationship between the couple during this long period of time surely makes everyone think the story has a happy ending as Teddi thought. 

Youtube: Teddi Jo Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave together in a photoshoot

Spending this long time together the couple is blessed with two children together, a daughter Slate Arroyave and a son Cruz Arroyave. Teddi is also a stepmother of Isabela, who was born from Edwin's previous relationship. But yet Teddi lives happily with her family including her stepdaughter Isabela, whom she loves like her own child as we can see it through her pictures in the social media.

CAPTION: Teddi Jo Mellencamp with her three children
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Teddi with her family along with her stepdaughter Isabela
SOURCE: Instagram

Teddi is a very loving and responsible mother as well as wife. She takes a good care of her children and husband as she gives her enough time to her family and looks very happy spending quality time of her life.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp's past relationship

As we already mentioned above Teddi was a married woman and a mother of a child before she got married for the second time. She was a wife of Matthew Robertson before she was married to Edwin. The ex-couple tied the knot on 3 June 2006, at Bloomington Indiana. But the relationship could not go far so the couple separated and got divorced in July 2009 at Los Angeles supreme court.  

CAPTION: Teddi Jo Mellencamp and Matthew Robertson marriage
SOURCE: Instagram

According to some sources, Teddi met her first husband on a blind date. Though Teddi and Matthew stared their relationship hoping to be better, the relationship between them could not work out and the couple got separated from each other. 

But yet Teddi forgetting about her past relationship looks very happy with her current relationship and is living a blissful life. She has played an important role in her family and the bond looks to be very strong with all the family members.

1. Teddi Jo Mellencamp was born on July 1, 1981, at Bloomington, Indiana.
2. She was raised in South Carolina.
3. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million.
4. Teddi is a fitness expert.
5. She is the daughter of John Mellencamp and Victoria Mellencamp.
6. She is married to Edwin Arroyave.
7. She was previously married to Matthew Robertson.
8. Teddi is the cast of RHOBH.
9. She is also an accountability coach and owns an accountability company.
10. She also worked at CAA and UTA in Los Angeles.