John Cusack has won his restraining order against stalker.

April 17, 2016
First Published On: April 17, 2016

TMZ recently published that John Cusack  won his restraining order against a stalker. What is the news all about?

The actor  was reportedly being stalked by Marieretno Subali for the last  3 months. It was also reported that Subali had appeared at Cusack's house multiple times, but Cusack was lucky enough not to be home in any of her visits.

Things got worse when Subali emailed Cusack’s family members with a threat. According to TMZ, Subali has been sending a couple of creepy emails to Cusack's sister-in-law. In one, she says Cusack came to her in a dream and called him her favorite actor from the movie, "Serendipity." 

Another email was much darker -- in it, he says Subali threatened to perform a "black candle spell on him," which, according to her, would make him impotent ... for life.

Cusack allegedly told TMZ that Subali has been monitoring his travel based on his social media activities and won’t stop doing it unless a restrained to do so.

Cusack filed documents requesting a restraining order, and it turns out that he has won the case. A judge ordered Subali that she has to maintain at least 100 yards distance with the actor if she is no to land in jail.

Subali has been restrained from going near to the family members of the actor, which includes his brother and sister in law.

Cusack has had stalkers in the past, Elizabeth Diane Pahlke was arrested from his Malibu house and charged for sending him messages on twitter and broke into his house. Cusack filed a restraining order; in his filing Cusack claimed Pahlke for the past three years has bombarded him with letters, emails, tweets and voicemails.

We would say that ladies love stalking John Cusack only if the recent news were true. What!

Yes, the recent news build up by TMZ which allegedly reports that the actor who was  threatened by a stalker to curse his genital is not true. The actor denies this completely. The actor tweeted,