John Corbett Is Finally MARRIED To Bo Derek After 20 Years Of Togetherness!

American actor and country music singer John Corbett, who started his professional career in 1987, is widely known for appearing in television series like Northern Exposure, Sex and the City, and Parenthood. Talking about his personal life, he has finally tied the knot with Bo Derek for being together for two decades.

So, how is Corbett and Derek’s married life going on? How was their special day? What about their children? Know everything below:

John Corbett And Bo Derek Finally Got MARRIED!

Corbett and Derek, who started dating back in 2002, finally got married in a secret wedding ceremony in late December 2020, after dating for nearly 20 years. They met on a blind date.

The 60 years old actor revealed the happy news while appearing on The Talk. In the interview, The Sex and The City’s actor revealed that they got married at Christmas after being together for two decades.

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During the time, the actor also flaunted his wedding ring. The actor also admitted that they are pretty private people and did not make an announcement.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’s star revealed that their friends and family knew everything, but he and his wife did not public anything. They also explained that they hadn’t had an opportunity to reveal the news. He said:

After 20 years we decided to get married. We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everyone looks back at and hated… let’s get one nice thing out of it.

Back in August 2020, Derek spoke up and revealed that they were yet to get married even after they started dating in 2002. Speaking up about their romance, Derek claimed that she felt it was just an attraction and comfort while she met Corbett.

The couple has not welcomed any kid but has two German Shepherds and four horses who they regard as their own children.

John Corbett And Bo Derek’s Past Relationships!

There are no any details of Corbett’s past relationships, whereas Bo is known for her relationship with John Derek.

John was 30 years older than Bo. She caught his attention while she was sixteen years old and acting in his movie, Fantasies in Greece.

Even though during the time, John was married to his then-wife Linda Evans and even had children older than Bo, he and Bo started dating. He stayed with her in Germany until she turned eighteen.

Once Bo became an adult legally in the United States, her late partner divorced Evans and married her. Bo’s former husband not only managed her but also directed her in movies like Ghosts Can’t Do It. The ex-pair lived a luxurious lifestyle until his death at the age of 71. They first met after his agent friend Norby Walters fixed them during an Oscar party date.

After John died, Bo never thought that she would find love again.

Bo Derek’s Ex-Husband

Bo Derek’s ex-husband is Derek Delevan Harris, AKA John Derek. He was one of the famous American actor, director, producer, photographer, and screenwriter. The late actor started his professional career in 1943 and was active until 1990.

As an actor, he had worked in movies like I’ll Be Seeing You, The Outcast, The Ten Commandments, The Leather Saint, An Annapolis Story, Saturday’s Hero, Scandal Sheet, All the King’s Men, A Double Life, Once Before I Die, Exodus, Sea of Lost Ships, The Last Posse, Mission Over Korea, The Family Secret, Omar Khayyam, and others.

Regarding his personal life, he was married four times. The late actor was first married to Patti Behrs Eristoff in 1948. They had a son and a daughter together. Their first child, son Russell Andre, was born in 1950 and died in 1999. Their daughter Sean Catherine was born in 1953.

The late actor left his family in the late summer of 1955 after he met Swiss actress Ursula Andress. John and Pati divorced in 1956, and the following year, he got married to Ursula in a Las Vegas ceremony. They divorced in 1966.

In September 1985, John started his relationship with actress Linda Evans. They eloped in 1968 in Mexico. Evans filed for divorce in 1974.

He died on 22nd May 1998 in Santa Maria, California. He passed away from cardiovascular disease at the age of 71.

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