Joel Kinnaman's Love Journey: A Comprehensive List of His Girlfriends and Current Wife

Joel Kinnaman, a Swedish actor is recognized for his roles in blockbuster movies such as "Suicide Squad" and "Robocop." Not only has he made a significant impact on the silver screen, but he has also made a lasting impression in the television industry, particularly with shows like "The Killing," and "For All Mankind." 

Kinnaman is not just captivating on screen but also in matters of the heart. Presently, he is happily engaged to the stunning Kelly Gale. Before finding happiness with Kelly, he was previously married to Cleo Wattenström. Despite the complexities of celebrity relationships, he continues to navigate the world of love with grace and style.

Soon To Be Married To Kelly Gale

Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale's engagement became a joyous revelation in January 2021 when he took to social media to share the exciting news. At the time, the actor, a charming 41-year-old actor, and Kelly, a radiant 25-year-old model, embarked on a new chapter in their lives. 

KellyKelly Gale at BOTTEGA VENETA SS24 SOURCE: Kelly Gale Instagram @kellygale

Kinnaman and Gale's love story had been quietly blossoming for nearly two years before the engagement announcement, allowing their connection to deepen and flourish. The couple decided to make their romance public at the lively Coachella Music Festival in April 2019, marking a significant moment in their journey. 

The warmth of friendship prevails even in the aftermath of romantic entanglements between Joel and his ex, Olivia Munn. When news of his engagement surfaced, Olivia took a moment to extend her heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple. They were close friends before romance entered the picture. This foundation of friendship has proven resilient, allowing them to navigate the complexities of a breakup with grace.

About Kelly Gale

Kelly Gale, the Swedish-Australian model, has left a mark on the world of fashion and beauty. Best known for gracing the renowned runways as a Victoria's Secret model, she effortlessly brings elegance and grace to every step she takes. Beyond the dazzling lingerie shows, she has also showcased her stunning features in esteemed publications like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Playboy, proving her versatility in the modeling world. 

Gale has ventured beyond the world of modeling to showcase her skills in acting. In the 2023 film "Plane," starring Gerard Butler, she took on the role of Katie Dhar. Although it was a small part, she left a memorable impression. Not confined to just one creative realm, she also made an appearance in the music video for Enrique Iglesias Feat. Wisin: Duele el Corazón, where her magnetic presence complemented the rhythm of the song. 

Previously Married To Cleo Wattenström

In the intriguing tapestry of Kinnaman's personal history, there's a chapter that unfolds with Cleo Wattenström, marking a period of shared love and commitment. Their paths crossed in 2014, and within a year, the two decided to embark on the journey of marriage, sealing their union with a secret ceremony in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. 

CleoJoel Kinnaman's ex-wife, Cleo Wattenström SOURCE: Cleo Wattenström Instagram @cleokinnaman

The clandestine nature of Joel and Cleo's nuptials added a touch of mystery to their love story, creating whispers of romance in the air. As husband and wife, they experienced the joys and challenges of marriage for two fulfilling years. 

Despite parting ways in 2018, Kinnaman and Wattenström have managed to preserve the valuable bond they share. Surprisingly, their connection predates their romantic involvement, as they were close friends before taking the plunge into a romantic relationship. This unique foundation of friendship has proven to be the key to maintaining a strong and positive connection even after the split.

What Caused The Marriage With Wattenström To End?

In a candid revelation, Cleo Wattenström sheds light on the reason behind her divorce from Joel Kinnaman, pointing to her evolving understanding of her sexuality. According to her, the realization that she prefers relationships with women was a fundamental factor in the couple's decision to part ways. 

In a podcast Now Life Begins, Cleo openly shared, "I prefer women, always have. Before Joel too. I haven’t been with that many guys at all. I wouldn’t say I’m a lesbian; I’ve been with a man." Her honesty about her journey of self-discovery adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, emphasizing the importance of personal authenticity in relationships. 

Wattenström shared that the decision was rooted in her sense of readiness for a particular life path, as reported in an article in Sweden Posts. Cleo explains that, at the time, she didn't quite feel prepared to embark on the journey of settling down with a partner, starting a family, and navigating the myriad responsibilities that come with it. 

The Controversy Surrounding Gabriella Magnusson

Joel Kinnaman's past relationship with model Gabriella Magnusson, also known as Bella Davis, took a controversial turn, revealing a complex web of allegations and demands. He disclosed that their brief romantic involvement in late 2018 led to a tumultuous aftermath. 

GabriellaJoel Kinnaman's controversial ex-partner, Gabriella Magnusson SOURCE: Gabriella Magnusson Instagram @iambelladavis

In a surprising turn of events, Kinnaman claimed that Magnusson resorted to threatening him with the publicizing of false information, including an allegation of non-consensual intercourse unless he acquiesced to her demands. These demands, as per the actor's statements to the court, included financial compensation, Hollywood connections, assistance in obtaining a work visa, a verified Instagram page, a Wikipedia entry, a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, and an additional $400,000 for an apartment, among other requests. 

Joel's account of his relationship with Gabriella took a disturbing turn as she unveiled the threats of physical harm against both him and his family, according to him. Shockingly, she allegedly involved her brother, a convicted felon, in the situation, who reportedly aimed a rifle at Kinnaman's manager. The escalation of threats and the involvement of potentially dangerous individuals prompted him to take legal action. 

Kinnaman's Story

Joel Kinnaman's narrative regarding his relationship with Gabriella Magnusson unfolds with a mix of consensual encounters and subsequent complications. According to the actor, their connection involved consensual intimacy in New York in November 2018, followed by another encounter the next month. 

However, Kinnaman mentioned that he didn't spend the night after his and Magnusson's encounters due to work commitments, which led to an unexpected fallout. He revealed that she expressed discomfort, stating that he hadn't asked her to stay the night or ensure she got home safely, as reported in an article from WION News

As the timeline progressed to 2019 and 2020, Kinnaman shared that Magnusson attempted to reconnect, sending sexually explicit content and expressing a desire to meet up. However, during this period, he was in a committed relationship, and he chose not to respond to her advances. 

Past Relationships

Delving into the romantic history of Joel Kinnaman unveils a tapestry of varied relationships. In 2018, he crossed paths with Bella Davis. Before this, the actor was romantically involved with the talented Olivia Munn from 2012 to 2014, showcasing the actor's connection with high-profile personalities. 

Going further back in time, Kinnaman's relationship with Liza Morberg in 2010 adds another layer to his romantic journey. Notably, His past also includes an encounter with Jane Timglas in 2009, offering a glimpse into the diverse array of connections that have been woven into his life. Each relationship tells a unique story, reflecting the actor's experiences and growth in the realm of love.



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