Joe Wright's 'Pan' flop and what it means for him.

May 17, 2016
First published on:May 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Despite much anticipation and much-awaited excitement Joe Wright’s adventure movie Pan (2015) could not please the audiences. Having Wolverine by your side does not necessarily always save the day. Although the film was a financial failure, it was successful to receive the average reviews. I personally loved it too.

But, was that it for Director Joe Wright?

Pan had a budget of $150 million against which it was only able to earn only $126 million. It seems the failure of the movie cost Golden Globe nominee director Joe Wright his next movie Emperor for Lionsgate. The movie will focus on Julius Ceaser.

According to Wrap, while Wright was in Los Angeles to promote Pan he won the job to direct the Julius Caesar movie “Emperor” for Lionsgate and entered into exclusive negotiations with the studio. However, once it flopped at the box office, the studio abruptly ended talks with Wright.

Regarding the matter, Lionsgate has refused to insert any comment while Wright’s representative has stated it to be ‘categorically untrue’. Although it is unlikely that the studio will call of Wright just because of Pan’s failure disregarding all his other works, it was able to spark some controversy of how tough the movie industry has become.

Again, there’s no confirmation that talks between Wright and Lionsgate broke down specifically because of Pan’s box office

Joe Wright will direct some episodes of the third season of British series Black Mirror.

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