Joe Wilkinson and Petra Exton secretly got married and are happy to be called as husband and wife

January 10, 2017
First published on:January 10, 2017
by HitBerry

If you are a Hollywood movie fan and especially enjoyed comedian movies then you absolutely know about Joe Wilkinson. But most of you are unaware about his personal life.  Joe is an English comedian, actor and writer best known for his appearance in ‘Two Episodes of Mash’.

Today we are addressing his fan about his secret marriage with Petra Exton and personal life. We assured his fan that they get enough information about their favorite actor. So to know about him closely, stay with us.

Short Bio of Joe Wilkinson

Versatile and talented actor, comedian Joe Wilkinson was born on May 2nd 1975. He started his career as a standup comedian. He is a fabulous actor and there is no doubt about it. After that he appeared in many TV shows but his appearance in ‘Two Episodes of Mash’ gives him hype and popularity and eventually get succeed to win millions of hearts through his acting skill and comedy sense of humor. He went on many tour regard his shows. He is a married man.

Joe Wilkinson

Joe Willkinson

Source: runbrighton

Who is Petra Exton?

Well, all of his fans and media were curious about actually who is Petra Exton? but unfortunately there is no information rather than she is a wife of Joe Wilkinson. As per source, Petra prefers to maintain low profile. She doesn’t active in any social media sites also.

Joe Wilkinson and Petra secret marriage

Joe Wilkinson never talked about his love life in front of media but when he suddenly get married in 31st July 2015. It attracts everyone attention. Though media want to know more about his marriage but he kept it private and doesn’t reveal any information about it. Nearly it is one and half year of their marriages and both of them seems to be happy and enjoying their married life. They are loved to call as husband and wife and happily lived in their house at Brighton.

Did Joe and Petra have a baby?

There is no officially statement of Joe Wilkinson and Petra Exton having babies nor do they give any hint of it. So, it is crystal clear that till today they have no children but may be in future they loved to have babies.

Ideal couple Joe Wilkinson and Petra Exton

Petra Exton is first love of Wilkinson. Before getting married to Petra he never linked up with any women nor do any rumor of him. So we consider her wife Petra as luckiest girl because she get lovable and honest husband. Many of his fan gets inspiration from their strong relationship. It gives some kind of major relationship goals to their fan. All of his fan waited for that moment when he officially introduce his wife to world.


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