Joe Swanberg and wife, Kris Williams getting divorced?

March 21, 2016
First published on:March 21, 2016
by HitBerry

After having two children and spending over 11 eleven years of the life together, magic seems to have faded from the marriage of American actor- film director, Joe Swanberg. Rumors have it; Swanberg is considering a separation with his wife a viable option, after such a long time of married life.

The exact reason behind this change in the relationship Swangberg has with her wife is unknown. But Swanberg’s extreme dedication to his professional life as compared to his personal life could be the main reason why the relationship between the two is falling out. Swanberg stays out away from his home for weeks at times concentrating on his works. He spends very little time with his family.

There were also rumors suggesting Swanberg was having an extra-marital affair earlier this year. It is believed that this also had a huge role to play in the possible divorce of the couple. Some news outlets have even claimed that Swanberg is gay and this is this is the main reason why he wants to get divorced. Swanberg has not yet responded to these allegations, so nothing can be said for certain at the moment.

Swanberg was married to Kris Williams in 2007. They even have two children together. It is understood that their children are the only thing that is keeping the two together, as they believe divorce would set a bad example to Children.

Who Swanberg is likely to make his girlfriend if he is to part away with his wife remains a matter of speculation for now. But there are suggestions that the director is really close to ‘White Reindeer’ co-star, Lydia Hyslop. There are also rumors claiming the director is spending a lot of time with Caitlin Plays Herself star Megan Mercier.

Swanberg’s first directed the movie ‘Kissing on the Mouth’ in 2005. His acting debut also came through the same movie. Swanberg pursued his interest as web designer during his college days and earned the money to fund the movie from it.

  This movie was followed with ‘LOL’ in 2006. He has also performed directorial duties in movies like ‘Hannah Takes the Stairs’, ‘Alexander the Last’ and ‘Silver Bullets’.  As an actor, Swanberg has appeared in ‘A Horrible Way to Die’, ‘Caitlin Plays Herself’, and ‘The Sacrament’.  He is widely known for making low budget genre-bending movies. His movies are generally focused on sex, relationships, technology and the filmmaking process.

The actor is not active in social networking sites but his fans can keep up with him through his website

Most of Swanberg’s income comes from his directorial work. He is famous for turning in huge profit from small investments in movies.  His net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousands.

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