Joe Rhodes relationship with wife Natalie Morales and their children

June 12, 2016
First published on:June 12, 2016
by HitBerry

NBC’s Natalie Morales is a very familiar face to us since the early 2000’s but how well do we really know the leading man of her life, Joe Rhodes. Joe Rhodes has been a big part of Natalie Morales’ life for more than 18 years now. They have two beautiful sons, 12-year-old Josh and 8-year-old Luke. With two young children to look after, Joe Rhodes must have definitely been a great support for Natalie whether it’s evident or not!

Joe and Natalie were dating for a long time before settling up in a marital bond. However, it was not easy for Rhodes and Morales to settle for the decision of getting married. While covering Matthew McConaughey’s story on getting married to Camila Alves, Natalie revealed a little secret about her own married life.

"I know when Joe and I were basically almost living together, it got to a point where I was like, 'OK, when's this going to happen?'" she recalled. "Yeah, I put a little pressure on him.'"

Good thing, Natalie put that little pressure on him! Look at them now, the happiest family of four! And even after 18 long years of marriage, they still have the same spark between them! On Valentine’s Day two years ago, Joe had a sweet little gesture along with some special flowers delivered to his wife via satellite as Natalie was busy covering the Olympics in Sochi.

"We love you, we miss you, we can't wait for you to get home," Joe said.

To which Natalie replied, "I love you guys too, miss you!”

Apart from being Natalie Morales’ star husband, Joe Rhodes is the founder of Stockton Road Capital. Before Stockton Road Capital, he was involved with Charterhouse for eleven years and worked as an investment banker focusing on mergers and acquisitions with the firms Kidder, Peabody & Co. and the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Joe Rhodes is also an advocate of environmental causes and lives in the city of Hoboken in New Jersey with his wife and children. 

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