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Joanne Nosuchinsky: Miss New York USA 2013 Net worth and Career

July 6, 2016
First published on:July 6, 2016
by John

Winning Miss New York USA is not a joke, nor is it a fluke. Especially for the beautiful Joanne Nosuchinsky in 2013. Take a look at her and you will definitely agree that she definitely does not lack in the looks category. She represented the place where Daredevil originated- that’s right Hell’s Kitchen and she sure is one hell of a beauty.

Following her Miss New York USA win three years ago she became the panelist for the show Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue a Fox News Channel’s Late Night Show. After the departure of Bill Schulz in November 2013, she became a full-time panelist. Besides that stars in Fox Channel’s comedy and politics show The Greg Gutfeld Show alongside Katherine Timpf. Being employed to big fish like the Fox News Agency her net worth and salary is assumed to be pretty hefty.


Too bad she hasn’t mentioned it to anyone but we can assume pretty good. Considering the salary from other Fox girls, the average we mean, she might command the annual salary of around $35,000. Her net worth can also be estimated to be around a figure of $1 million; exact figure could not be announced at once unless she discloses it.

Born on 1988 she is 28. Hailing from Freehold Borough, New Jersey Joanne attended Performing Arts Center at Howell High School. She also has a degree in theater and she graduated from Rider Univesity. She had graduated with Summa Cum Laude. With a keen interest in broadway Joanne she gave her first broadway interview in “The Awesome 80’s Prom”. After that, she was involved in their group for around 3 years.

Despite being crowned the title Miss New York USA, it was her first time she participated in a beauty pageant, she hadn’t taken part in any beauty pageant even in minor level, see that’s the mark of a prodigy. Shame that she didn’t reach Top 15 in Miss USA 2013 but it became a platform which started her recognition in front of the nation and inevitably to the Fox News. Not to mention she might even be more popular than the eventual winner Erin Joyce Brandy.

As she didn’t have any experience to be in a pageant even her own parents were not confident of her. So she had to spend from her own pocket and enter the competition. With no coach or sponsors Joanne went all the way and when she won, that was the moment for her.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches and with her awesome curves, she looks majestic, nay, she looks absolutely killer. Her measurement is pretty amazing and girls would absolutely kill to have those we must say. At 33-24-34 inches she has a hot figure, too hot for anyone to resist. Coming from Italian and Ukrainian we can definitely see the synergy among the beauty of the two countries. In order to keep her body in a tone, she does regular exercise and goes to the gym. And yes, she looks  bomb in a bikini.

Joanna Nosuchinsky looks babe in bikini                                                                          Source:

Despite being so beautiful it seems she does not have any boyfriend. Sure, the boys must be totally head over heels for her but she has not found anyone she likes, or maybe she decided not to disclose it yet. Joanne has not been married nor divorced yet and it seems she might be considering her career to be her partner, or not! She is a very popular figure with around 55 thousand followers on Twitter and around 21 thousand on Instagram. With her accomplishment and rate of growth, we can say that her fame and net worth will increase even further.


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